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Poll: How much did you gain/lose?

I am very interested to know how much the ladies out there gained during their pregnancies?

If you would not mind to share with me your start weight, how much you gained, and if you have been able to lose weight since baby?

After I have my baby (one we get pregnant of course) I really want to work on getting totally fit again. I always hear that it is harder after a baby... is that just because women don't have as much time to themselves anymore?
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I started my pregnancy at 323 pounds and i weigh 328 now, so have not gained much and I am 32 weeks so 8 weeks or less to go till she will be here, once I have her I will tell you about losing weight after she is born.
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I started out around 185, lost 5 pds in the 1st tri-mester (but have no idea why, I ate and ate and ate!) and now I've gained 15 pds so I'm at 195.  I really wanted to keep it under 200, but I don't think that's going to happen now?

I, too, want to get into shape after the baby, so I'll let you know how that goes :-)
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I started my journey at 273 I think... lost 9lbs in the first 5 months of pregnancy, and in the last month and a half gained back 4. So I am 268!! With my first pregnancy I lost 40lbs before him and gained it all back and then some since marriage. Before him I was 207, after 238.. so I am quite a bit heavier now- Sad, but the pregnancy is worth it!!
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