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worried that something is wrong

I haven't felt my baby move for over two weeks. I am 18 weeks and 3 days. This is second baby and i felt my baby moving (but not kicking) at 16 weeks for a few days and since...nothing!

Last week my doc said that it was nothing worry about as it's small and the movement may sometimes be felt and sometimes not. he could not listen for the heartbeat because the machine was down. I have to wait until jan 10th for ultrasound.

I tried finding the HB with my home doppler but after 1 hr gave up.

I am overweight so could this be why i'm not feeling the baby? everyone tells me i should feel the baby at an earlier stage then my first and i felt Lillian by now.

Some insight to your experiences may help me.

Thanks xo
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I can only say that up until recently (32-35 ish weeks) I've consistently had a hard time feeling the baby move.  I have to really concentrate and stare at my belly.  Even during my current u/s the tech will see the baby move and ask if I've felt it and I haven't.  I also have an anterior placenta, so that makes it even harder.

I think it STINKS that you have to wait until the 10th!!!!  That seems like an eternity.  I'm so sorry hun; sending you lots of prayers!
550943 tn?1330727580
Thanks bam. I'm doing my best to keep distracted and not to worry.

Not long for you now ;)
550943 tn?1330727580
Thanks bam. I'm doing my best to keep distracted and not to worry.

Not long for you now ;)
550943 tn?1330727580
I think I felt something yesterday after a big lunch. It also could have been lunch lol but feeling a lot better now ;)
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