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Ferret - Sudden Hair Loss After Obstruction

I wasn't sure where to post this topic, so I posted in vet help too.
My ferret is 5 years old now and last week she had a hairball obstruction that made her lose about half her weight. During this time, I moved her into a room closer to mine and took her to the vet the next day. The vet (who hadn't even felt her abdomen to rule out obstructions) diagnosed her with insulinoma (blood sugar 47) and gave me predisone which I gave to her for about a week (1cc twice a day.) However, she passed the obstruction (hairball) last week on Christmas morning (talk about your happiest christmas presents) and started eating kibble the same morning (she would not touch anything other than thin chicken broth for several days while obstructed, not even duck soup.) I stopped giving her predisone about a week ago. Then, this week, she started rapidly losing hair, leaving only a thin undercoat. Within 3 days she lost all her overcoat. Under her thin undercoat, there is the blueish color of new hair growth, but she seems to be still rapidly shedding. Is this because of the prednisone being stopped suddenly? Is it due to moving her into another room which may have different lighting? Could she have an agressive adrenal tumor? Please help.
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Prednisone should not be stopped suddenly like that. An animal or person is typically weaned off gradually. I'm not sure if she should be put back on and then weaned off to help her adrenal glands get back into working order or if they'll eventually kick back in on their own. At least give your vet a call (although from your description of that particular vet, it sounds like they're not very observant.) But they still should know about prednisone and how to use it.
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