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Has my chinchilla broken something?

I went out this afternoon and bought some new ledges for my chinchilla. He was very happy with them and got really excited, jumping around the cage and things. I left the room and came back to find him laying on the tube on the  bottom of the cage as if he was asleep, so i nudged him and he woke up and started walking around with his ears right back so i assumed he'd hurt himself and wasn't happy. But then after about a minute or so he was back to his normal self jumping around with no obvious problems in his movement. Just to be on the safe side I've taken the ledges out and left him quietly and he's gone back to sleep like he usually is this time of day. But I was wondering if I should be worried about him breaking something or whether he just bruised or winded himself, and whether I should take him to the vet (bearing in mind he doesn't like being handled and would be difficult to examine) or just keep an eye on him?
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If he has broken something then he would be in  a lot of pain. If he fractured something then although it will bother him a lot when you touch that part , it will heal in about 6 weeks. I think you are fine without going to a vet.
Good luck
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