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Help Rabies?

Yesterday, I was on the computer and I heard my Guinea Pig squeel for food, when I went over to him, I pet his head and told him your okay and smiled, later on I baked Butter Tarts and before I melted the  butter, I quickly washed my hands, just with water. When i poured the butter into the bowl, there was still some left in the other bowl so then i scooped it with my fingers and licked it off. Now im worried i might have rabies because I only washed my hands with water and that i touched my guinea pig before hand
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There's no reason to suspect your guinea pig has rabies, right? He hasn't been outside interacting with bats, foxes, skunks, etc?

Generally speaking, a guinea pig from the pet store is unlikely to have rabies. And the usual problems associated with guinea pigs are allergic reactions or coping with bites.

They can often carry salmonella however and not washing your hands thoroughly after handling him could cause a nasty intestinal problem then if he has salmonella. Most likely you have nothing to worry about since you just pet his head.
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