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I found 2 lumps inside the lower abdomen of my ferret..

This morning I noticed my ferrets right eye was pink toward the inside and then I felt around her belly and I found two lumps inside the right lower quadrant of her abdomen that you could actually move around like marbles...has anyone experienced anything like this?
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They sound like cysts. The biggest concern is whether they're malignant. You didn't mention if she reacted when you felt them. It doesn't sound like she bumped herself and has a little swollen area. So I'd recommend having a vet take a look. They may be fluid filled and harmless but it's hard to tell from the outside.
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Thank you for the response, that is what I kind of figured too, cysts. I did take her the vet, the next day. Her eye turned out to just be a scratch or allergies so she gets eye drops three times a day. Unfortunately her spleen was 3 times the normal size and the vet feared that she may possibly have adrenal disease but because she has no other symptoms (which he said is very odd) it may be that her spleen is just swollen from the infection in her eye. For now we are just keeping an eye on her.
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