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Insulinoma- Accupuncture Specialist?

Hi. On Monday I bring one of my ferrets to the vet to be checked for what I think could be Insulinoma. It was suggested to me that I consult a vet who specializes in accupuncture and herbal medicine, but I don't understand how this could be beneficial for my ferret. I haven't read much on this, as I haven't seen much on it, especially when you live in a state where they aren't even legal. I have read on numerous sites that the most effective course of action is to have surgery, which obviously is costly, but can generally lengthen your ferrets lifespan while living with Insulinoma. Would seeing an accupuncture and herbal medicine specialist for ferrets be a better route to take? Does anyone know anything about this or has anyone tried it? Sebastian is 2 years old and has had previous weight issues which were addressed and I was giving him amoxicillin for ulcers. While taking the amoxicillin, he would gradually gain weight, but then start to lose it again as he stopped taking the medication.
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That's a highly technical question. I don't have the answer but I can perhaps contact my vet friend and she may know. She has used acupuncture at our clinic. She would know whether it would help your ferret (yes, they are legal in our state).

You could also post your question on the "Ask a Vet ) forum. Scroll down, look to the right and you'll see it listed there. Dr. Cheng is excellent at knowing when to use standard medicine and when alternative medicine might be helpful. I don't know why there haven't been any posts for a couple weeks. It concerns me but perhaps she's away on vacation.

I'll check tomorrow with my friend and let you know if I find out anything.
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OK, so I got a note from my friend. She said the only definitive cure for insulinoma is surgery to remove the tumor causing the problem. The acupuncture and herbal treatments may help manage the hypoglycemia but it won't cure it. Your ferret may well continue to get work in spite of those efforts. Not the best news in the world.
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Just got another note from her. She wondered where you live. In some places where ferrets are not allowed, there seems to be some underground ferret fans that might be able to direct you to someone willing to help. I have no idea about that. You'd have to research that one on your own.
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Just so you know, we know have Dr. Carol Osborne in addition to Dr. Cheng who can discuss alternative and holistic therapies in the Ask a Vet expert forums.  Just look for the Holistic Medicine forum under pets.

If you would rather, you can post in the General Health forum and one of our DVMs will try to help you out.   We do have 1 or 2 exotic pet specialists...
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