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Poodle Vomiting

I have a 2 year old poodle that had a seizure a couple of weeks ago; I took him to the vet and she diagnosed him w/ a low blood sugar episode. Then, he went for his yearly shots a week later after the seizure and about four days after he had some vomiting and severe diahrria; I took him to the vet and she didn't give me a dignosis she just gave him some anti-nausea/diharria medicine. It has been about four days since and he had vomited twice, not in the same day and is acting normal. I am forced to alternate him between wet and dry foods because after a while he refuses to eat the dry food, but he will go back to the dry food. I feed him Science Diet Lamb & Rice meal (dry) and Ceasar (wet). The vet bills are about to bankrupt me so if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
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Technically this is the small animals forum (hamsters, bunnies) but poodles aren't all that big (assuming it's a toy poodle) so I'll go ahead and answer. :->

The best kind of food for dogs and puppies with low blood sugar will be high in protein, fat and carbohydrate content. Check your dog's temperature if you suspect an episode approaching; he should feel chilled. Try to warm him up, it will help.

I'd consider avoiding any of the glucosamine supplements; there's been some controversy about sugar/diabetes/insulin with glucosamine; it can create problems with your dog's sugar production.
HOWEVER, your dog will NEED some sort of sugar/glucose added to his diet daily. It would be best if the vet gave you a specific supplement geared to your dog's sugar needs.

Otherwise...I'm not clear what your vet meant by a "low sugar episode". Is your dog diabetic? Frankly, it sounds like this may be the case.

I'm going to give you a link to a dbdogdiet site -  http://www.bddiabetes.com/us/main.aspx?cat=1&id=389

and suggest you try a different vet.

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