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Rabbit pregnancy?

I have 3 lovely rabbits! 2 of them are always next to each other and sometimes on top of each other, since we got them one of those 2 rabbits stomach has grown, I do not know their gender or how to tell if it really is pregnancy. One of them we think is 7-8 weeks old and the other one 10-12 weeks old. The older one is the one we think is pregnant, we have not had them desexed yet, the 2 rabbits love to stick together, they will lie down together, sleep together and one keeps on standing on top of it... Could they be mating? Please I need an answer!
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I also forgot to mention that she has had a big mood swing!
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Buns can get pregnant again as soon as they're given birth.  They're probably a family since nobody is fighting.

With Easter buns being dumped and or hurt,neglected....and for ovarian cancer reasons, I'd get the ladies spayed and the male neutered.

Are they on top of each other the 'wrong' way around?
You'll be able to tell them apart by their faces...Yes, their faces!  Females have a narrower pretty face while boys are broad across the forehead. If not fixed, you should see some very obvious things under his tail....hope this helps
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one more thing--the two which have a strong bond could get depressed and maybe die if they are not together all the time. Ive heard of 3 way bonds that work.. But rabbits do step on one another as they like the reassurance of their now kind near them....
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