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ear infection

took my dog to vet today, said she has a ear infection.  she has been having some extreme symptoms tonight though, licking her lips, looking upward, and biting at unseen objects.  any help
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Hi there!  I'm over on the Dogs forum and someone pointed me to your question.  I hope your dog is doing better by now.  Did the symptoms finally get any better?  Ear infections can do the same things to dogs as to humans.  If the inner ear is involved, keeping balanced can be a problem.  Can't imagine how much more difficult that would be on 4 legs instead of 2!  Also, did the symptoms show up after any medication?  What you describe could be an allergic reaction to antibiotics, so I hope you called your vet about it.  

Come on over to the Dogs forum sometime - you'll get plenty of suggestions there.  :-)
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It does sound like a reaction to the med. I've seen similar things with prednisone, mild hallucinations. Jaybay is right - tell your vet about this.
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