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guinea pig urine, ammonia?

Does anyone know what makes the guinea pig's urine smell so much like ammonia? I can't stand the smell, I'm so sensitive to it. I feed her pellets, apples, lettuce, celery,.....maybe something is more contributing? If I knew, I'd stop it :)
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I only noticed a strong smell from my male guinea pig; my females weren't much of a problem as long as I kept their bedding clean. Or perhaps my sense of smell isn't as good as it used to be.
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Thanks for you comment...I have a female and I have super sonic senses! Ever since I was pregnant (my husband says). I keep her bedding VERY clean. I pick up after her and I even have a "puppy potty pad" underneath the bedding to keep the cage dry. I just don't get it. I bet it's all the "recreational" food I give her...she just loves it though. She's the biggest pig I've ever seen, I took her in as a favor :) 1 year later, 2 kids & 2 dogs, frankly I'd like to get rid of her. I just can't give her to "anyone". She's spoiled with her cage & food & occasional bath and I can't fathom the thought of someone neglecting her. Therefore, I believe we are stuck with her!
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I wish I had a suggestion for you. I wouldn't try any of the odor killing products on the market because they are most likely toxic to her. Wonder if there are any natural, safe things to use? I've tried baking soda in different ways (kitty litter for example) and honestly, it didn't work at all. All I can think of is to keep her confined to one room to cut down on the odor floating around the house. I do that with my mice. My husband doesn't like their smell; they don't bother me. Our rat, however, gets to live in the living room with us (in her cage). That doesn't bother him. Each person is different I suppose. Our cat has free roaming privileges around the whole house. Sorry I can't help you more. And yes, I know how you feel about entrusting her to another family. You'd only worry.
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My piggy when she was alive..
  She had smelly pee but i kept her in my room anyways. It really didnt smell of anomia(sp) but i only fed her cabbage hearts, lettuce, carrots, raisins...diet foods...and french fries >:D

Hope the best to you and piggy :D
Oh and i was a teen so i went WEEKS without cleaning her cage ><
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