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what would be the cause of both blood in the lungs and fluid built up in abdomen ?

My dog suddenly stopped eating but drank water, i noticed her belly was distended Sept 4th. I took her to an emergency clinic and they did abdominal xrays and complete blood tests. The tests were "normal" . I then took her to my vet and she took chest xrays and more bloodwork. The bloodwork was normal, but her chest xrays were very bad-showed fluid almost 3/4 full in both lungs. I rushed her to another hospital to tap her lungs and they found blood. They said the tests was inconclusive of cancer cells. The only way to tell whats wrong is a CT scan which i couldnt afford. Her belly went down though after that visit a week ago. And now this weekend it filled up again. They ruled out heart disease and suggested a possible folded lung. My question is, what else would cause both issues? I fear her time is up regardless but wish i had answers and more time to raise $$
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