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your opinion on a rat

This is not a health question but im thinking about getting a rat, what they call a dumbo rat and my fear is the temper, what kind of temper do they got is it nice temper or a temper like they are mean and bite. Because i dont like animales that bite all the time. or whats the best rat to get should i try to find one thats been handtam or not. Wht should i look for i a rat to be a good one.
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I've had several pet rats. When my Franny goes, I'd like to get a dumbo rat as well. I always bought a younger rat and I've only had females. I'm not comfortable handling males with their big old "rockets", if you know what I mean. But a friend of mine has a male and says his temperment is excellent.

When I recently had 2 females, Franny and Zoe, Zoe was pretty bossy and would be nippy at times. Not with my husband, just with me. Franny has never been that way. Neither have any of my other rats (all singles).

My thought is if you get a younger rat and spend plenty of time with it each day, it won't be afraid of being handled and turn nippy on you. Zoe, even though she didn't care for me, loved to play chase around the living room and ride on our backs like a horsey ride. Franny is more sedate and prefers to sit in our lap and cuddle. Come to think of it, Zoe is the only hyper-active rat we've ever owned. All the others enjoyed riding on our shoulders or just hanging out with us.

I hope this helps a bit. I think you can tell their temperment when you check them out at the store. Look for the rat that is curious and wants to come out and play with you, not the one that jumps and runs every time you make a movement.
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A dumbo rat is simply a normal domestic rat, Rattus norvegicus (same species as almost all pet rats), with a mutation that enlarges and widens the ears and places them lower on the head. Somewhere along the line most of these rats appear to have been heavily selected for a docile temperament. They suffer no disadvantage due to their unusual ear set and size and slightly broader, flatter heads.

Dumbo rats have a reputation for being VERY calm pets, but that isn't always the case. There is such a thing as a hyperactive dumbo rat. As to friendliness, rats make very sweet friendly pets. Most rodents don't bite unless they're injured, ill or scared.

As long as you provide them with suitable gnawing material, you should be fine with a Dumbo as a pet.
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Daisy is my first pet rat ever. I have had her for over a year and a half and during that time she has never bitten anyone. She is an extremely loving and affectionate fuzzball. She grooms me, sleeps in my lap, is very playful and loves everyone that she meets. She is smart, inquisitive and loves to eat almost anything that my husband and I eat. She is pure JOY. I can not say enough good things about my "Mini Me Squirrel".
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Rats :D

I had a rat its name was ninja
It got out then got mean D:

So i dunno if i can help you :3
Just dont let him break outta the cage
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ive had 2 pet rats before
and they lived for 3 and half years
which is pretty good
they never bit me
very gentle
loved sitting on my shoulder and going in my hair
very active
and playful
very good with kids
eats anything lol
dont give them nuts though
they can have allergic reactions to them

I just recently went out and brought 2 more rats
and there horrible
because they wasnt handled when they were young
very hositle
try to bite me

so just make sure you get them when there young and make sure they have had human contact and been handled!

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So you kept your rat in the cage without any roaming time? No wonder it got mean, I'd be pissed too.
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But her rat was a ninja. You have to watch out for those stealth rodents, they'll get you when you least expect it. ;)
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I've been watching videos of pet rats lately, which surprises me because I usually prefer bigger animals. However, judging from what I've seen with my own eyes, rats can make wonderful pets, ANY RAT for that matter, can make a loving pet. I wish my husband didn't think rats are dirty creatures who carry diseases and serve only to be fed to boas and other constrictors. I'd get one.........oh in a second!
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We have four, yes, four girl rats and we love them! They are the sweetest creatures! Our three year old handles them quite often, and isn't exactly soft with them, but has never once been bitten. We have two dumbo rats and two blue rats.

If you buy a rat I would suggest you read a book on how to train it (you can potty train them and train them to do trick) and take care of it. Firstly, they come in sets of two meaning that they are communal creatures that absolutely need a mate in the cage. Their primary awake time is during the night when you are sleeping so it is essential that you have at least two. Second- be prepared to handle them often because it keeps them happy, entertained & tame. Third- make sure to buy the right type of cage- if you read about them you will find what you need.
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well i've had a rat for about 2 years now. she the light of my life.  i have several pictures of her in my phone and sometimes through out the day i look at her just to turn my day around.  best choice i ever made.... go for it!!!!  she has never bit anyone and is potty trained.   i love her and you will love your rattus addition to your family as well.

this is not katy....this is raquel
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I have 5 male Ratties, and their temperament is fantastic!! mine range from the oldest (Zappa, who is slightly antisocial, but still lovey, especially with my fiance' who he ADORES) to my youngest (Bruford) who is SUPER cuddly and loves to sit on your shoulder and snuggle under your chin (and is definitely bonded to me).  Our Dumbo rat (Geddy, the Middle boy) is a Little love butt, but more adventurous than our other boys.  As long as you handle your rat regularly and get them young...you'll be in great shape :)
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it can also depend on where you get them to my dumbo rat is a mommas boy and i have to put him to sleep with his blankie
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