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27 and ttc with pcos

I was recently diagnosed with pcos and have been trying to concieve for only 5 months. July was my first iui. The re wanted to try it without fertility meds. I don't know why. However, I would like to try meds this next go round. I also do not have symptoms of pcos which is wierd, but I did have a ultrasound done which determined I did. Is an abnormal period always the case when having pcos? if so, my periods come like clockwork every 28th day so I don't understand. Sorry for giving you so much, but this is all new to me. I also wonder about the clomid meds and whether they worked for anyone with pcos? All insight is greatly appreciated.
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Usually if you are "in shape" you may have no symptoms or they are less severe.  Even tho you may be having periods you may not be ovulating. The clomid should help you ovulate.

Both times I got pregnant was on no meds. 1st time: I was 23, in the best shape of my life, didn't know I had PCOS, irregular periods was basically my only symptom, my last period was in Sept, didn't find out I was pg until January. But I had only gotten knocked up in Nov. So for 2 months I didn't cycle but got pregnant anyways. 2 time (9 years later): was just last month, 20lbs heavier, out of shape, knowing I have pcos, & been struggling with it for last 5 years, just happened to get pregnant again without meds and pretty much right after I stopped bleeding from my cycle which was longer than usual. I miscarried tho but now I know I can get pg again. I was losing hope.

When I found out I had PCOS I went to an OB and got put on provera (to start my periods) & clomid (to get me to ovulate) right away. I started at 50mg of clomid, didn't ovulate. Bumped up to 100mg and ovulated. Tried 3 cycles at this level and just gave up after no success. I didn't like the OB and husband was "too stressed" out to perform on command. Cuz once you get on the meds y'all need to have sex when your body is ready whether y'all are in the mood or not.  We waited a couple years figuring to just relax and let God handle it, especially since we didn't need meds with baby 1. But we went to an infertility specialist and started up again. Provera/clomid combo. This time we started at 100mg, I ovulated but they did ultrasound to check the size of my folicle and I only had 1 and it was small.  So I bumped up to 150mg and that's when the folicles (eggs) were prime. I would have 2 or 3 folicles ready and nice size. But still didn't get pg. Tried I think 2 cycles but I stopped cuz found out my hubby was cheating on me. So I think God had his hand in that one too cuz even tho we were doing everything right I still didn't get pg.

So after my experiences I hope you got an idea of what PCOS life is like. My husband and I were able to work thru our problems and are still together and got pg once again like I said w/out meds. I did miscarry but we're going to keep trying for Baby 2. Haven't decided if we're just gonna let it ride or go back to specialist to give us a better chance. Oh and with clomid you increase your chances of multiples. Cuz at 100mg I had 1 folicle but at 150mg I had 2 sometimes 3. That's  something else to take into consideration. Good luck!
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Hi :)

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 weeks ago and I too don't have any of the sypmtoms, however I have a total of 37 cysts!
My GP said that due to the amount of cysts I have, I have had PCOS for quite some time but it's obviously gone unnoticed.

The good news is that I have a six month old son depsite having had this for some time and no meds were involved :D

Good luck xx
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Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I know this is just the beginning of my journey with PCOS and I am just trying to keep hope in getting pregnant. I'm not that old, but I'm not that young either. Reading your story as well as many others just gives me insight on options to discuss with my RE. I do not mind the having multiples. It's just the health risks that come along with carrying more than one baby. I pray that when and if the time is right, I'll be given just enough for me to handle. Thanks again and goodluck with everything!
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Hi, I'm 26 with PCOS I was normal weight when I was diagnosed My hormones were even normal but i had almost 100 cysts.  We tried for 3.5 years with four different doctors and I can tell you it can be one heck of a ride.  I had a lot of cysts but after surgery (ovarian drilling) I started ovulating and I got my BFP on the 5th round of follistim and IUI.  I am currently 6 weeks and 3 days and couldn't be happier :).  There are so many different types of PCOS few of us have all the same symptoms, in two years I found on person with mine.  My friend was like you normal cycle every month she actually even ovulated occasionally.  I think she had maybe 8 cysts, she got pregnant on round two of clomid without IUI.  It's possible, the highest success with IUI is between the 3rd and 6th attempt.  It's good that your doctor will be closely monitoring you also because clomid can cause cysts, and it only increases your chances of multiples by about 5%.  I did 5 rounds of clomid all without ovulating so if you don't ovulate with clomid don't lose hope, follistim is an amazing drug, yeah it's an injection but it doesn't hurt that bad.  Also if your not on metformin you really should be.  Sorry if that's too much info.  good luck :)  
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