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Angry at my body...

So my periods were finally starting to regulate until recently. I'm always forgetting to take these damn pills. I'm on Metformin (3-750 mg pills once a day) and an antidepressant (20 mg once a day). Last period started June 3rd and last for like 8 days or so, but just light at the end... like spotting for the last 4 days. Sometimes I wish my body was just able to regulate itself and I'd get my period every month like every other girl. Just got blood work done yesterday and I get to visit my endocrinologist next Wednesday. Woo me! Anybody else feeling frustrated with PCOS right now? Luckily I'm young and not trying to get pregnant. I so often worry that I won't be able to conceive in the future... although when I went to get an internal ultrasound last time, they said they didn't notice any cysts in my ovaries... which is slightly more promising... but I need to ovulate first! SO much running through my mind right now. Feel free to vent with me... =)
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