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Any perminent cure for pcos

I am having pcos since my age 17.I got married in 2005.In 2006 I got pregnancy with clomoid.But in august I aborted a baby.Later on we went for 5 IUI's.But I didn't conceive.Now I am using metformin 500mg twice a day.Before marriage I used birth control pills for regularing the periods.Mostly my periods are with tablet only.I started metfomin in jan 2010.After using metformin now my periods are for 45 to 50 days.Still irregular.
My age is 27.Height 5'3'' weight 135 lbs.If I reduce to 110 lbs my problem will permanently cure or not?Doctor referred laproscopy.I don,t want to go.Is weight reducing and changing food habits perminently cure pcos.
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i have a friend who has had PCOS for a long time, about 10 years. I am 28 and around your same weight, which is completely fine. you are not overweight at all so i don't think losing the weight will make it go away unless your doctor suggested so. mostly my friend tries to exercise and eat healthy. she also was on birth control for a while. maybe you want to try the laparoscopy. i had it 3 months ago for endometriosis and it's not all that bad. good luck and i wish you all the best
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No, there is no permanent cure.  I am 5'10" 130 lbs and I have known I had pcos since summer of '07.( i was 120lbs when I found out)  There is no cure, but you can take measures to reduce the effects it has on you.  Having a healthy BMI, lifestyle and eating habits can help reduce the symptoms of PCOS.  Also there are some herbal suppliments and some people swear by accupuncture.
If you become active and eat healthier you increase your chances of being able to become pregnant naturally.  You also decrease your other symptoms other than just fertility, like weight, more normal periods, less pain, etc
GOOD LUCK! and SSBD to you!!
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hi i am 22 years old going on 23 in july..i am trying to conceive baby number two..my ob/gyn has me on clomid 50mg and i dont know  if it is woking how it is supposed to..this is my story on why i am on clomid... i gto preggers in august of 09 and i was so estatic and i so was the fiance..i whent to my doctor and got an ultrasound at 5 weeks the baby was in there but no heart beat yet..i went back at 9 weeks and he did another ultra sound and there was no fetal pole or any heartbeat...he said i was going to misscarry..i had to wait it out and sure enough in october the 24th of 09 the sac and placenta had came out..after that i had whent back to the doctor for pain in my abdomen and he did an internal ultrasound and he diagnosed me with pcos...could that be why i misscarried??
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PCOS has, unfortunately, been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage... I've heard as high as 45%.  Most miscarriages, though, are a result of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus and basically your body "expels" it b/c it does not consider it a viable pregnancy. Best wishes :)
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