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Bleeding after Orgasm

I'm 18 years old, I've been on the Implinon (spelling?) for 4 years now (got a new one this year) and every time I have an orgasm, I bleed, heavily. This can be from just clitoral stimulation, or intercourse. I am conserned about this, my mother has HPV, my father has Hep. C, and I have a family history of cervical cancer. I just got my 2nd shot for the gardaseal (spelling?). My doctor says it's from being on birth control, but I think there's more to it, because I bleed EVERY time I orgasm, no matter if it's intercourse, or masterbation. I do have PCOS too. Why is this happening? Why does it happen even if it's only from clitoral stimulation? How can I fix this problem? What other advice do you have? What could this be?
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