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Brown Discharge

Okay so jst to start off i have PCOS. the first yr i ever got my period it was normal.. after the yr it was irregular!! it would come on its own but not every month.
okay so im 23 yrs old now. im currently taking Merformin which helps me regulate my period.. ive have my period just about every month this yr except when i stopped metformin.
okay so oct 9 was when my period was due but on oct 7 i started spotting dark brown and its now oct 14 and im still spotting dark dark brown blood. its  jst mostly when i wipe.
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I'm PCOS too. my doctor gave me Diane35 that i used for 1 year and then i stopped when i heart that it causes many problems. but i never had those brownich spotting. i think you should go to your doctor or change the doctor.
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hii... i can help you abt this thing...I am also having pcos and my dr give m dhuphaston to come periods 14cycle to 26cycle.... and with this ghocophage to control insulin level.... now i am trying to concive with clomid and gonal f...
For you 1day periods is good if its red in color.... sumthing is stuck So, My dr told me that if ur period didnt come normal use other med... i forgot the name bcox my periods was okkk....
best ov luck dear.....
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