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Chronic Vaginal Pain During and After Sex.

So its been nearly 3 years since I had my daughter and proceeding her birth i had what seemed like litterally a year long infection. Because of insurance it took forever to ser a doctor. When I did she noticed I lost all skin pigmentation around my vulva. I had a biopsy and it came back as nothing...how is that possible? Anyway for the last 4-5 months now every time I have intercourse it's really painful and seems to be progressing and the only thing that helps is sitting in a tub of water for 30 min. I am also noticing that this is beginning to happen spontaneously as well, but I'm wondering since this is only in the last week if I have an infection coming on. My dr. Did diagnose me with PCOS a few months back and I'm wondering if this could be part of it, I'm only 25 so I'm struggling with the fact that I'm having so much trouble with this. And if so what do I do to cut down on this pain. I bought some top self lubricant and that worked for about a month, then boom. Pain is back and worse than ever. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks
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I'm so sorry you're experiencing this much pain during sex! I know how painful and traumatic that can be from personal experience. PCOS isn't typically known to cause painful sex, but because PCOS affects your hormones, there may be something there? I'd be more curious to know if you have any kind of uterine or cervical infection or STI, or maybe even a form of endometriosis as this is more common to cause painful intercourse. If the self-applied lubricant helped, there might be something to that relating back to the mixed up hormones of PCOS affecting your natural ability to produce secretions. Have you been able to get back in with your Gyno? Also, the doctor that diagnosed you—were they a Gynecologist or your standard practitioner? I would even suggest maybe even seeing your OB/GYN that helped deliver your baby and get you through your pregnancy. They would (or should) know the most.
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