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Could it be PCOS?

Hi, I am a 26 year old female who has been experiencing a variety of symptoms for several years.  I've been checked for iron deficiency and thyroid problems, but they all seem to come back normal.  Someone suggested to me that PCOS could also cause my symptoms of extreme fatigue (mild apnea), acne, irregular periods (then more regular on birth control, but many times bleeing in between), skin discoloration (dark around eyes, and scar easily), and OCD.  I also have sensitivity to cold and vertigo/dizziness.  The thing is, I dont have a lot of the other symptoms (no real excess hair growth or loss, not overweight, and no high blood pressure (low if anything).  I also have a decreased libido which I think wouldn't be happening if I had more testosterone like PCOS does, right?).  For the past four or five years however, whenever I go for my yearly at the GYN, they seem to feel my right ovary more than my left.  I've had a few ultrasounds (internal) because of this, but they say everything looks fine.  I've also had a test for fibroids that came out negative, not sure what it's called, but involved water.  

I've included some of my labs that may be relevant (many seem normal), however, I do have more.  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

HDL  38  (range 29-80)
LDL  93 (range 88-130)
TRIG  77 (range 40-150)
URIC   4.2  (range 3.5-8.5)
GLU   83  (range 70-100)
AST   46  (range 15-46)
ALT  61  (range 7-56)
B12  231  (range 211-911)
Vitamin D 37.8  (range 32.02-100)
Folic Acid  20.9  (seems high, high is usually 16)
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The tests you've posted are not directly relevant for PCOS. These are just routine tests, I see your cholesterol (hdl, ldl), triglycerides (level of lipids in your blood), uric acid, some vitamins...Get proper tests done! All your hormones: DHEA, prolactin, testosterone, estrogen, insulin, lutein and others, you need to get supervised advice on this. Also, you definitely don't have to have all the symptoms to have PCOS. Most of us who have it don't: I only experience hair loss with irregular menses. My skin for instance is absolutely clear and healthy, I haven't had any acne at all since I was 16. I'm also normal weight and have no hirsutims whatsoever. I also have low  rather than high blood pressure, but we're young so it's still easy to control it. So get yourself checked, because, like any disease, esp. if left untreated, PCOS can cause serious complications: endometrial cancer and diabetes among the most common.
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      your B12 is looks like  borderline , maybe its not enough for your body. try to get some b12 supplement it may help , since you mention easy bruising and fatigue whihc maybe related to b12 defficiency . and for irregular periods and low libido , you should ask for prolactin levels checked but while you are at it you shoudl get pcos related hormones checked aswell to make sure
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  oh and also you mentioned OCD i assume you have anxiety aswell , which may cause dizziness and fatigue ( know from my own experience)
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