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Cycle changes

I have PCOS but have been fairly regular.  I usually start the same day of every month (12th or something) and If I go long one month then whatever it ends on next is the day I start (19th for example).  I have never really tracked my periods except the last 4 months.  I was 3 weeks late with pregnancy symptoms.  I had a hemorraging cyst that apparently caused the symptoms and one day I had an excruciating pain and just screamed while it lasted, then all my symptoms disappeared immediately.  We just knew I was pregnant but I wasn't so I started tracking.  Well the month after that my cycle was 29, then 31, and now I am on cycle day 32 with no signs of starting.  Which is strange usually I cramp the week before and a few days before. but no cramping at all.  No pregnancy symptoms at all, and no AF symptoms. I  am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to go back on Yaz to get rid of the cysts.  Do you think my cycle length is growing because of cysts coming back? Does anyone have any ideas of what it might be?  
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Hmm. I didn't think about the weight gain.  I have been gaining weight like crazy.  I had surgery a couple months ago and the bed rest really got me out of eating healthy portions and working out.  We'll see.... I have my well woman scheduled for the end of this month, and she ends up doing ultrasounds a lot because I usually have cysts.  So I guess on the 30th I'll find out if I have any large enough cysts that she does an ultrasound.  And I need to lose weight and maybe that will help too.  I have gained nearly 10 lbs in a month so that could definately be the problem.  THANKS For the help!!!!!
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That has happened to me. I was on BC for 2 years, wanted a break and took a 6 month break from it. Period was fine without, however by the 3rd month I noticed my cycles were getting longer. By Jan 31 my period was 10 days late, in which I had to start Yasmin again. However, my period problem was due to weight gain...about 13 lbs for me. So it could be that the cysts are coming back, because when you have cysts sometimes your periods don't come because the cysts block it. The only true way to find out is to go for an ultrasound...and see from there. Are you sure your not pregnant? Just because you have no symptoms, doesn't mean your not pregnant. That could be your biggest clue right there...no symptoms whatsoever. So I would test if I were you. And if it's negative, then see your GYN and get an ultrasound done.

Good luck
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