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Last week I had pain on my left pelvis area and noticed it was swollen. I scheduled a appoitment the next day with my gyn. They had me pee in a cup and found lots of blood and no infection my pap came back negative. Still in pain they sent me over to have a ultrasound. That night i was in so much pain now starting on my lower back also, thinkin I had kidney stones and went to the ER, there they read my ultrasound and gave me a cat scan but did not have me drink the dye of my abodomin. This showed nothin but a rupetured cysts and to follow up with my primary doctor. saw my doctor the next day and another pap showed fluid and my cervics were bleeding, also my urine came back with blood.
Now I am still in pain, still swollen and this cysts has rupetured a few days ago. My dr stated this is from the fluid shoshing back and forthand might last awhile. i think they are given me the run around because they dont know whats wrong with me. Any idea?
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i think your doctor just may be right. ive had numerous ruptured cysts as well as kidney stones and they both hurt like a b*tch! in the urine test though they are able to rule out kidney stones through the protein and calcium in the urine as well on the ultrasound/cat-scan. unfortunately (sp) there is nothing to do for a ruptured cysts other than self-medicate with tylenol or whatever u take and a heating pad. sorry! if it continues id go back and see if another cyst has formed and maybe that's why your still in pain?
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