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Do I have PCOS?

The doctor first suspected I had PCOS in May, when my period was late and lighter. I'm 30 and I've never missed a period in my life. I stopped getting my period in August and September (2 months). In May, an ultrasound said my ovaries looked polycystic. I was under a lot of stress that month, which could explain the late and light period. I took a blood test that showed an imbalance of hormones (higher LH than FSH ratio of 11:4 or 2.75). I took another blood test in August and my hormones were balanced again with a normal LH: FSH ratio, but my period did not come. It also did not come in September. I took a blood test for glucose, diabetes, thyroid in August and everything was fine. My numbers were really low. So my blood is not insulin resistance. I'm also thin and have never been obese. I gained 5 pounds, but I was really stressed from May - September. I initially lost 8 pounds in a month and now have gained 5 back. I'm 114 pounds, 5'3. I have some hormonal acne on my chin, (maybe 1-2 pimples a month), my hair is suddenly getting thinner, but I do not have a lot of hair on my face or anywhere on my body. I read that thin PCOS usually means you are insulin resistant, but I'm not. Do I have PCOS? Or do you develop small cysts on your ovaries if you do not get a period that month? I just took an ultrasound and they saw small cysts again. I know PCOS is not curable. Is mine just stress related and will hopefully just go away when the stress is gone? Please advise! Doctors are baffled because my blood tests show that everything is fine.
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Stress can most def. cause you to have cysts or polyps on your ovaries. Try reading this and see if this help.... If you have anymore questions feel free to message me..

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You can be thin and have PCOS. For those who are thin seem to have a harder issue with it because weight loss is not an option. And if you have the tiny cysts on your ovaries, then that is a classic sign of pcos. I would say follow up with your doctor, and maybe get them to start you on Metformin and maybe a birth control (if your not trying for a baby now). Birth control can sometimes reduce the amount of cysts if you stay on it for atleast 6 months.
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