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Do I have PCOS?

Hello! I'm a 22 year-old female. My sister is diagnosed with PCOS, and I was just thinking about some symptoms/issues that I have and realized they match up with some of hers. I know that someone with PCOS is more likely to have a mom or sister with it as well.

Here are my symptoms:
Hypoglycemia (diagnosed as a teen, ~6 years ago)
Continuous gradual weight gain for the past 5-6 years - BMI now falls into obese range
Hidradenitis suppurativa (which I've read can be related to increased androgens, as with PCOS)
Depression, anxiety and adhd
Thin hair (it used to be a bit thicker and curly as of a few years ago, now it is thin and flat)
Skin tags (I've only had a few but had a large one removed from my armpit)
Frequent bowel issues/diarrhea, especially near period

I'm not currently on birth control but have been in the past. My periods aren't irregular and while my menstrual symptoms (painful cramps, level of flow, pms, etc.) are all significantly worse while off birth control, I don't feel like they are abnormal, or at least not as far as I can tell - but it's hard to accurately compare it to what others have.

Does it sound like it could be PCOS, even without the irregular periods/other menstrual symptoms? If not, does it sound like something else?

Thank you! Advice is much appreciated!
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Its better to check with gynecologist., because I have heard that if one of the siblings suffered from PCOD, then the person born in the same women may have... So better check to the doctor without any delay..
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