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Elevated DHEAS, PCOS or adrenal hyperplasia

I was diagnosed with PCOS. I am not questioning if that is the correct diagnosis.  I had an elevated DHEAS before starting metformin 1 1/2 years ago. Just had my DHEAS checked and it is even higher 550 !!! (normal around 350 upper end).  My FSH and LH are good for my age - 37; regular periods off a birth control pill roughly every 27 days. I think I ovulate.  I have thinning hair, low SHBG, and "normal" total testosterone, but elevated free and bioavailable testosterone before metformin, low HDL.  I also have hashimoto's with positive antibodies, but normal TSH (1.7) and T4 1.1.  Sometimes I feel nauseous, especially at night. I excercise alot sometimes get fatigued with it and have trouble with weight - always.  My 2 hour oral GTT was normal, once I had one that was impaired. Anyhow an endo thought I had PCOS and gave me that diagosis.  She never checked the DHEAS again. I am going to a reproductive endocrinologist who wanted to recheck the DHEAS and I just got it back and am frustrated at why it is higher!!!

Could this be late adult onset adrenal hyperplasia or a deficiency in 21-hydroxylase?  My sister also had thinning hair and acne. She saw an endocrinologist where she lives and they said she didn't have PCOS, stated she had androgenic alopecia, but never figured out the source?

Any one have ideas, thoughts or the same thing?  Any help is appreciated!!
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