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HELP! Faint Positive on urine test at doctors ;)

Hello, My Partner and I have be undergrowing tests for fertility.

I have been on metformin 1000mg per day .. for about a year or so
We sore a specalist in january 11 and was sent for scans (The dye one that they put into your 'tubes' lol) an internal and external scan of my overies in feb.

They told me I dont ovulate after going for a blood test - But I think that may have been incorrect as I went on the day I thought id started my period but it would more just a little and didnt turn into a period.

The reason im babbling like and idiot is that i had a coure of norethisterone to make me have a period so i could under go 2nd day blood test and then 21st day blood test.

I was due to start another course of norethisterone on the 2nd march (Yeterday) but I had been getting a lot of pregnancy symptoms ..

awful headaches, stomach cramps, exhusted all the time, light brown/clear discharge, back ache,  was sick a lot at the weekend about 2am.

So instead of starting the tablets I took a urine sample to my nurse and she tested it (heres the good part) she called me in and said shes not sure as there was a faint positive line on the test!!!! - I looked myself and it did seem to be getting stronger!. (ERM WOOP!)

But she said she wants me to bring another sample in on friday.

My boyfriend and family are positive im pregnant - I feel pregnant yet i find it hard to believe id be that lucky.

I have done home pregnancy tests all come out negative but im guessing those arnt as good as doctor ones?

Has anybody else had this experience - Im going out my mind wondering if I am.

Help! ..
Sorry for bad spelling and talking nonsence im just so excited! lol

Thanks for your help.
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