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Hair growth not natural

Hi. I was diagnosed back in 2003 with PCOS. All of my symptoms are under control EXCEPT excessive hair growth on my face (I have peachfuzz + black hair on my face) It is getting worse by the day. I am to the point of having to shave. I am a woman. this is not supposed to happen. I also have hair thinning, and my hair is regressing. I am beyond frustrated. I am so embarresed by this point I don't even want to go out in the daytime because It is more obvious in the sun. Anyways, I have done alot of research and still can't figure out which medicine would be best.
What is best for hair growth. I have tried BC and it didn't work. I tried about 5 different ones. PLEASE HELP ME.
Metformin, Spiro. , others, what is best. Or should I jsut buy a wig and have lazer treatment?
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I also have PCOS and get little hairs on my chin and yes it is embrassing when my boyfriend rubs them and be like what is this? I'm not to the shaving point yet I just pluck mines.  I hear metformin helps people with PCOS as well you might want to try that. Do waxing make is worse? I was thinking about doing waxing or saving up to get laser hair removal.
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I was finally diagonsed with PCOS about 2 months ago. I have been on Metformin for 2 months and Sipro for about 3 weeks. The day before yesterday I noticed that the hair on my chin is clear/blonde, its still there, but its not black like usually. I am not sure which medicine helped, or maybe it was a combination, I'm just glad its helping..maybe you should talk with your doctor about it, he/she may recommend a totally different med or combo of meds. depending on whats right for you
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What is Sipro? Are you talking about Spironalactone?

I would love to get rid of the black hairs, but even the blonde ones are long and embarrassing.

Thanks for the advice
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Hi, thanks for your advice. I have not tried waxing. It would be too embarrassing to go to a salon and say wax my face please. The at home kits don't work, I have tried those. I want laser if I can't find pills that work.
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very frustrated
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