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Healthy Goals

So, I know that the common healthy weight loss goal is about 2lbs per week. Is there a different recommended weight loss goal per week for women with PCOS?

Also, does anyone have any tips for how to deal with the emotional trip of not losing weight as fast as others/you would like?

Thanks :)

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I don't have any intel on the questions you asked but I wanted to encourage you on your journey.  The best thing that has helped me the last few months is deciding to make lifestyle changes instead of dieting. Set a new goal or challenge for yourself every month and do it. You can do anything for 30 days! Make sure tho its something that is within your power to do everyday. Don't set a goal of working out 3 hrs everyday at a gym when you know you don't have the time to fit it in and you don't have a membership! Here were my challenges for myself.  January was stop drinking soda. February: do 5 push-ups and 5 crunches everyday. Increase each week. March: drink water. April: eat vegetarian. (now April was extreme! & hard. Again remember don't pick anything you know you absolutely can't be successful at. But do challenge yourself.) All theses things I still do daily (except I eat meat again) and feel great. I got off the vegetarian train but I do take better care now with what I eat. Because when I couldn't eat meat I did 2 things: 1 stayed away from junk food to make up the loss in calories. (so no twinkies and junk like that) 2: took notice of what foods made me feel like crap after eating it and others that gave a me a bounce. When you set these goals and challenges you will feel successful and physically you will feel better too. Also set rewards for yourself after maintaining your challenges: Pedicure, new shoes, buy a new nail polish color, new outfit. Something fun! When your thinking of your challenges don't always take things away and don't always make it something physical. For example, 1st month no soda (take away bad) 2nd month do, sit ups/pushups (adding good).for a non-physical challenge, stop cursing, read a verse from the Bible, read 20min with your kids 3 times a week.

I hope this helps a little. Sorry I got carried away. Good luck and stay positive. Keep in touch and let me know how you're doing!
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Pretty much, the normal for all around is 1-2 lbs per week lost, with the occasional 3-5lbs. I know when I first started my diet, I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks and was so happy! But as I went on, I started going about 1-2lbs and some weeks I went down 3lbs. You always have to remember, when you start ANY diet, the first 10lbs are easier because it is all water weight. I use to get disappointed on the weeks were I didn't lose anything, because I always felt that it kept pushing me further back at my goal. But in the end, I started realizing that if you find yourslef not losing any weight, it's either you met a "half goal" or that you need to change up your diet. I've been trying to cut and watch how many carbs I've been taking in...although I am not on a low carb diet. For us with PCOS, our bodies have a harded time in breaking down foods like pasta and bread, so I would just try to limit the amount of that you intake. You will see a big difference in weight change when you limit the breads, rice and pasta. But now when watching carbs, you have to watch that you don't take in to much fat, because that is not good either. Check out myfittnesspal.com, this has really helped me in watching how many calories I take in. It counts fat, calories, carbs, protein and a few other things. And always remember, just because you didn't lose any weight one week, think of it as a positive that you didn't gain any back! So it's still a win/win type of thing.
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Oops, the site is myfitnesspal.com

Too many "T"'s!!!

GOod luck!
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