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Hey I hope you can help me!!

Hey, I seen your forum and I was wondering about a few things Im new to this so yea bear with me. Um I do have PCOS and Im tring to concieve i was on alot of different birthcontrols tring to find the right one over the years, such as the shot,pills and just stopped the nuvaring after 6 months of using on NOV.9,2009 and Im trying really hard to concieve Im a young wife and just was told I have PCOS 6 months ago..any help?
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I've been ttc (Trying to conceive) for 4 years now.  I also have PCOS.  Have you talked to an OB/GYN about your options yet?  I will give you some advice, I went to OB/GYN's for 5 years and they all told me I had all the time in the world to conceive, and there was no point in rushing it.  Well I'm 24 and completely ready, hubby and I have been for 4 years.  If you are having trouble conceiving ask your doctor about a clomid/metformin treatment.  Clomid is a fertility pill that causes ovulation.  I am on my first cycle of it, I have seen and heard it work for many women with PCOS.  I'm crossing my fingers!  Good luck to you! Baby dust your way!
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Hi I am 25 and have been ttc for three years, I have taken five rounds of clomid without ovulating.  i'm also on 1500mg of metformin which is the only thing that has helped so far.  So I went to a new RE on monday and was enlightened about clomid, i too thought it was the first line treatment and safe.  So clomid tells your ovaries to mature follicles so for us with pcos our follicles (cysts) get bigger, all of them! Oh and If that's not bad enough it increases your chances of developing breast cancer!  I have a family and personal history so when i found that out i wasn't very happy.  So apparently their is a drug called femara that tells your ovaries to mature one follicle and you have a better chance of ovulating, oh and it's actually used as a breast cancer treatment so it can decrease your chances (normal women have a 12% chance).  I'm done with my clomid rant sorry.   As far as advice goes be very proactive, don't let them put you on meds for months without monitoring.  If you choose clomid make sure they do ultrasounds each cycle along with bloodwork to see if you ovulated.  If your planning on using ovulation kits, use digital I know they are more expensive but regular opks dont work for some cysters.  Are you seeing a reproductive endocrinologist?  Don't waste time with obgyn's mine told me she was capable of treating pcos, i wasted five months with her and never had a single ultrasound and i had to beg for bloodwork.  I think that's all i have for now, if you need anyone to talk to i'm here.   on the positive side my friend also has pcos, she took two cycles of clomid and is now 9 months preggo!  There is always hope!
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