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How is your PCOS being treated?

I wanted to know what, if anything, is working for you. What medications, what dosages, etc.?

I'm taking Spironolactone twice a day and it's not doing anything. I used to take Matformin but it makes me feel sick. Either with flu symptoms or horrible stomach problems. And I can't take birth control because it makes my breasts even more uneven, which is due to another health problem I've been blessed with.

I'm hoping there has to be something out there...

And how do you handle all the body hair? It grows faster than I can remove it and I don't have the money for permanent solutions. And it only seems to be getting worse. What do you do when you want to put on a bathing suit? Or dress in something a little revealing? I feel like moving to Antarctica so I can cover myself up all the time...
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Hi I was recently diagnosed with PCOS after so many years of not knowing. I take Metformin 500mgs two times a day, i started very lightly i would take it with food, since i wasnt getting periods, my Dr also prescribed medroxiprogesterone and birth control pills (wich i hate) but as far as all the HAIR!!!!! it drives me NUTZ! i've been shaving Everyday, but whats more mothersome is the FACE!!!!!!! because i don't wanna shave that are of my body but it seems as if i have no hope!
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i'm currently taking metformin, 500mg twice daily. keep in mind that wen starting metformin  a half a will daily for two weeks really helps ur system to get used to the drugs because the side effects of taking 1000mg straight away can be bad, especially if u drive cuz fainting or getting dizzy around the wheel is very dangerous. hope i was helpful and am here if u guys need a listening ear...or shud i say seeing eyes! lol ^_^ 'm here.
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im taking metformin too and it doesnt seem to be helping. But i keep taking it. As far as the hair, i used to just trim with a electric trimmer but when i guy i was on a date with touched my chin he broke up with me because he said he didnt want to date a girl who grew a goatee. (jerk i know) but i am shaving everyday and my husband is ok with it. when it gets a little stubble he comes over and rubs it and says thats my girl!! (just gotta love him) So keep your head held high and remember its not what people think its how you feel about you and your body.
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I too take metformin 500mg 2x since Jan 2009 but I started 1x a day in September 2008. I have so far lost 55lbs while taking it. I also take yasmin bc pills. My doctor says if eat less sugar and stop wasting calories on drinks, it will help with weight loss. Right now i only drink water, green tea (hot and cold) and seltzer. I buy heathly snacks and walk alot more. When I first started on the diet, i lost 13lbs easy. But then I stopped losing weight. So a friend on here suggested I take up walking. So started to walk about 30 mins a day and that started the weight coming off again. Good luck everybody!
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I have a daughter who has a polycystic ovary along with severe psychosis with her menses.  We have been through so many doc's with out much help or them wanting to blame things on mental disorders that aren't there.  I have been working with a chiroprcactor who has been the most help to be honest.  He found that my daughter had very low cortisol levels as well as calcification on her thyroid, and that she needed to change her diet to a a low mediterranean diet.( He said we were carb hogs!lol)  He also gave her 2 supplements to take. 1. was called Boswellia and the other is a high grade liquid licorice concentrate.  Both were not cheap, i think in the $50.00 range. There is also another SP supplement powder... again in the $50.00 range that you drink it in a shake.  When she is on routine of taking them and being on her diet, I can see a difference.  The hardest is cutting out the refined sugars and flours.  Trying to add free range eggs to the diet also. She also had a depro vera shot in which her gyno recommended, i am not seeing that it helped, but was told it would help her to release all the extra eggs.  I know the gyno also said... i think it was the novu ring or iud would be great help ,but he would not do it ...since she is so young.  As for the hair, we have that problem too, and unfortunately waxing, tweezing or shaving are the only methods we found also.  Hope this helps a little, and good luck.
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Thanks guys. Unfortunately, that's not much more info than what I already know. Except for the Medroxiprogesterone, which I've never heard of before.

I'm lucky in that I don't have a weight problem except for my stomach sticking out a little, which doesn't diminish no matter how often I work out or what I eat or avoid eating. But I'm not too concerned with that right now.

My endocrinologist said that there aren't a lot of medications for PCOS. She said that there's basically these options: Spironolactone, Metformin, birth control and some other pill that was designed for men and could give women cancer so she wouldn't suggest that one.

What do you think? Do you think I should try another endocrinologist?

This is very unpleasant but do you guys also experience a lot of cervical mucus? I can't go without panty liners or my underwear gets stains and I feel uncomfortable because I feel all wet. I'm wondering if this is a PCOS thing or if it's just one other problem that I have.

As per facial hair, have you guys tried Vaniqa? It's specially for that. It's by prescription but it's not covered by insurance. Their website does offer a rebate though.  
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