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I think I have PCOS, not sure what to do?!

I am 29 years old and I have suspect that I have PCOS. I was overweight/obese as a child and teenager until my early 20s. Aged 21 I started getting excess facial/bodily hair and my weight increased to its highest (can't remember what but I was a UK size 18/US size 22). Then aged 22 my periods went from being 5 days long, 3 days heavy 2 light to lasting just 3 days, none particularly heavy. Aged approx 26 I went on the pill, first microgynon then after this didn't go well I was switched to yasmin. This made my weight drop a bit further and stabilise. I always had difficulty maintaining my weight. 6 weeks ago I stopped taking it because both my parents had pulmonary embolisms and yasmin is a high oestrogen drug so increases my risk of a DVT and PE. Since then I have put on about 8lbs and the hair on my face needs removing more often. I am finding I cannot fit in my clothes very well since most of my weight is around my middle. To me these are classic signs are they not?!

I mentioned it to a doctor a few years back but she just shrugged and said lots of people get hair on their face...yeah they do and they're men!! Basically, the weight gain symptom is really getting to me. I have joint problems as well and the extra weight causes more pain but eating pretty well and trying to exercise is barely maintaining my weight at the increased level let alone helping me lose any at all. I am thinking of going back to my practice nurse. I am guessing I cannot take a combined pill that contains an anti androgen and I looked up POPs in the BNF and they don't seem to have one containing an anti androgen. I am currently trying so called natural anti androgens (buckwheat and spearmint tea) not sure on what affect they have? Does anyone have any experience of these? My other alternative is to ask for metaformin which I have seen a lot about but I really don't want to have to take another medication. But if it helps I will take it, its not just vanity it's the pain in my joints that means I cannot simply up my exercise levels. If I could run I would. Does anyone have any experience of metaformin? Does it help with weight loss? I am guessing it would not help with excess body hair or things like that?

Anyway, any thoughts about any of what I've said would be much appreciated! x
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Go to a GYN. They will do tests and a ultrasound to see if you have cysts on your overies. That way they can tell you for sure if you have it and maybe give you meds to help your body out.
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You should go and see another doctor and get tested for PCOS.

Make sure you get your blood sugar tested - most women with PCOS are insulin resistant or diabetic.

There is an anti-androgen drug that you can take that's separate to the pill. Your doc can tell if this is appropriate for you.
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i would say see another doctor and tell them the signs you are having because  alot of those signs do sound like pcos
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