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I'm 16 do I have PCOS

I'm 16 and I I don't know what I have like I think I have all this hair due to me shaving in the past but I don't know I don't have irregular periods or am obese I'm like thin and tall I have little short hairs on my chest which is black but fine like I have it all over my chest and stomach and I have hair on my thighs and legs which are normal but the chest and stomach makes me wonder but my mom says its nothing nobody in my family has it except me and I do have family history of high blood pressure diabetes but I got a check up and I'm fine but still I think I have a something
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unwanted hair growth is a symptom of PCOS.   Not all women with PCOS will have all symptoms.  I have it and have frequent ovarian cysts, am a little overweight but it could be due to having 3 back surgeries and not being as active as I once was.  I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 yrs ago if I remember correctly.  Noone in my family has it except me.  I would advise sharing your concerns with your GYN doctor who can put you on medication to help alleviate symptoms you are having.  I currently take metformin and go to acupuncture for my condition.  If I have a cyst I am put on BCP for a month or two because we are trying to have a baby.  When we were not trying for a baby I was on BCP to help with my symptoms.  There is a cream that works to diminish hair called Vaniqua.  If you go to their website they offer discount coupons and the cheapest place ive found to have it filled is Costco if you have one where you are at.
Good luck to you! Sometimes PCOS is hard to diagnose so be persistant in looking into this.
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hi boolebre, i have pcos and i noticed it when i was 15 years old . i was always thin growing up and my period was always on time ,but i had thick long side burnes and wild black long hairs on my back ,chin and stomack .....stressful just saying ........ i didnt get treated or dx till i was 25 years old, only because i was 150 lbs and gained 60 lbs in 5 months so now i have belly fat ALOT of it :} i still get my period like normal and the hair still there everywhere :] but they did finelly put me on metiform 1500mg a day but because im trying to pragnant for 7 years old ...someone as young as you they will do birthcontrol because you need that hormone ...diet too......tell your mom to take you to obgyn ....good luck but dont ever forget this your a beauitiful person dont let anyone change that ...... with pcod i still beleive im sexy and pretty and you should too ....im here if you have questions ..ps your hair may start thinning too :{ but you wont go bald ...i just order a new shampoo for it ill tell you if it worked
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I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and I don't have any symptoms what so ever other than cysts on my ovaries and occasional irregular period. The symptoms are different for everyone. Have you spoken to your doctor about this, you can have your hormone levels checked and ultrasound scans will show if there is anything on your ovaries.

They do say PCOS usually runs in families but noone in my family has suffered from this before, and only 1 or 2 symptoms is enough for it to be confirmed!  
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