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Is it possible to have PCOS and Endometriosis?

So I already know that I have PCOS, but my mom and grandma both had severe endo! I have researched both conditions, but PCOS never talks about chronic pain before,during and after menstruating, and pain during and after intercourse. My bowels are very messed up and I get really bad pain in my rectum. That is where my mom had a lot of it. I have no idea. None of my docs will do laparascopy. I have only had one U/S and a very long sharp vaginal probe, I forget what that is called. My blood clots are gigantic and never ending. I need some input from you intelligent ladies!!! I have been on the pill for 8 days now and can feel my cysts filling and popping! So much relief afterwards though.

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Boy it sure sounds like what I had when my endo was really bad.  I don't know much about the other condition though.
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Perhaps you could give your dr a call and let her know what you are going through each day.  Keep a journal of every symptom and then go over it with her.  I know it can get crazy and you forget once you are in the office.  I really hope you get some relief soon, you have been in pain for too long.  Godbless
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I only have about 5 or less and they last anywhere from 1-3 mo at a time w/ out treatment, during that time I usually lose so much blood I have to go to the ER and get an IV and 2 pain shots to even remotely help the pain. I have a ton of extra manly body hair, mustache, hair on cheeks, sideburns, and a thick happy trail.:( Before I went in for that U/S a year ago I thought it was endo so did my mom. When I got my results back, they were sent to me and right on the paper my doc said "You have PCOS unlike endometriosis like you thought" No kidding! That was a big slap in the face. He also gave me a packet of info. I gained 80 lbs and it has been hell ever since. So during the year since I was diagnosed no other docs have questioned it. I am making sure though that is why I asked the question. I am just waiting for results. I have about six days. She tested my thyroid,2 diff pcos hormones, diabetes, male hormone, woman hormone and I think that is it. So when I get my results I will know and keep everyone posted. I too doubt that it is namely PCOS, I have always thought it was severe endo.
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What are you trying to say? I just have so much on my mind. Could it possibly be both? I have no idea!

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Right now I'm going back to a specialist to see I have endo again. In 2001 I had a lap for severe endo. It was between Uterus and bladder. I had severe pain when using the bathroom. I told my doctors it was like I was being ripped open. It was a tearing pain. And I had huge blood clots. The icing on the cake was I couldn't walk I was in so much pain while the circus is in town (as my DH says).

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Yeah the pain in my rectum hurts so bad sometimes I can't walk. Good luck with the specialist. I hope and pray they don't find any more endo. So you had sugery in 01? And now the pain is recurring after about 5 years? You poor gal!!! I hope you are having a couple of good days among all the horrible. Your DH is hilarious!! haha

Bethany :)
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