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Light cramps no period

Hi, my GF has a PCOS and had her period 4 consecutive months starting from last year's November. She started taking Heragest(Progesterone) beginning with the 16th day after bleeding for 10 straight days. Her last period was February 7 making it her first complete 28 day cycle. We never had penetration when we were being intimate but instead we do oral sex, fingering and dry humping(with clothes) she is currently 7 days late and is experiencing intermittent light cramps since day 28(today is 35th). She also had sore, growing boobs as she said that it was similar from her period signs. Fyi, no darkening of nipples or what. Her discharge is pure yellow, small in amount and continuing to decrease since she started taking Heragest(Progesterone) for 10 days beginning with the 16th day. Her acne is still up and continues to multiply since day 28. Her cravings in sweets and salty foods also continue since day 28. She also said that she was stressed in the the early days to late days of her cycle in the months of Feb-March. What does this mean? Is she pregnant? I remember she said that she didn't experience EWCM fluid, temperature change, libido changes and cramps for 3 months and December was the last time she ovulated. That means she didn't ovulate this cycle. I'm freaking paranoid about her condition. Her mom said it's stress that made her like this. I remember on day 12 that she gave me a blowjob, came on her mouth. Touched my penis afterwards then I accidentally touched this thing(used to get water idk usually found in a bathroom) and it was wet with water. After nearly an hour, i came back to the bathroom and touched it again. After a couple of minutes, I began to finger her. I don't know what's happening with her and I just want a clear answer to those signs and experiences she is currently having thank you in advanced and God Bless!
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You've asked this on several forums---  the answer will not change. You can not get pregnant from the activity you describe.
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