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Metformin without for non insulin-resistant patients?

Hi! I have PCOS and have been trying to conceive for 7 months. My tests showed a high level of androgens, but no insulin resistance (although there is a history of diabetes II on my father's side).
I went through two rounds of Clomid (50 mg and 100 mg), but I have not ovulated (small follicles up to 10mm). My doctor suggests now to up the Clomid dose to 150mg and to take Metformin as well. I thought that Metformin was indicated for patients with insulin resistance (which is not my case), is this true or are there potential benefits of taking Clomid + Metformin even not being insulin resistant?
Also, at which point will a person be considered Clomid resistant?  
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I take metformin and I too am not insulin resistant. It works with me. It has helped me to lose weight and keep most of it off.
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does metformin help with anything else besides losing weight?
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Mi historia es similar a la tuya, no presento resistencia a la insulina y tengo antecedentes maternos y paternos, por lo tanto me han dicho que de por vida tengo que tomar la metformina, me ayuda a bajar de peso y favorecerá al embarazo.
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It helps for our cycles to become regular. But when I say this, I mean it doesn't happen overnight. For most it takes 6 months to a year to fully help you to have regular menstraul cycles. And for some, because the cycles become normal...it sparks ovulation.
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oh ok. i am going to ask my dr about that whenever i can get into see him.
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Hi I'm not insulin resistant or overweight but metformin has helped a lot.  My acne is pretty much gone, no more chin fuzzies and last cycle was my first ovulatory cycle after three years of ttc!  As far as clomid resistance goes most RE's call it quits after 6 failed cycles of clomid.  Be cautious with clomid it has a tendency to increase the number of cysts you have if you don't ovulate and it can thin your lining enough to prevent implantation.  If that wasn't bad enough some studies show an increase in breast cancer in patients who have used clomid.  Talk to your doctor about switching to femara it's much friendlier for us with pcos.  Also if you take provera to start af ask about switching to prometrium, provera is derived from male estrogens which increase your androgens!! Sorry I know that's a lot of info, but I wish someone would have told me sooner!  SSBD, let me know if you need anything else!
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