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I research (PCOS)Polycystic Ovary Syndrome becasue I was watching my favorite show Mistery Diagnosis when I first heard about it yesterday....I was so shocked when watching this lady story about how her found out  she had it...it left me very scared because im 23yrs old...and everything i went though with my body like this lady was identical...and i didnt know what to think...so i got on my computer and researched more...to my discovery, everything about the ordeal symptoms was the same...So after reading it was hereditary ...it kinda releaved me at first because i never heard about it being in my family...but i called my mother anyways and was talking to her briefly,and asked her if she heard of it ...And then she told me she herself ,my grandmother and aunt has PCOS...!That is basicly geneticly in the family...so now im like "Gosh" now i got the answer of what really going on with me...the horrible...seem like life theating abdominal cramps that was sooo intolerable i was glad when a docter put me on birth control...because of the irregular periods...abnormal cells and cyst once inside my walls when i had a check up..which i was told not unusual and that women sometimes get...and that is is small so it would eventually go away on its on...all the crazy problems was just undiagnosed because i didnt have a regular docter and didnt have health insurance...I am very worried and dont know what to do...Is there any kind of assistance that will temporary cover me so i can get help till i can apply for medicaide or something!
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Honestly, exercising & healthy eating (cutting down on simple sugars especially) is your best & cheapest option for you if your not ready to have kids yet. The birth control will also help regulate you. The "further" we are out of shape the "more severe" our symptoms. Hang in there & good luck with everything. You are definitely not alone in this.

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Well I wouldn’t say the more out of shape we are makes a person with PCOS have more "severe" symptoms. Because when I was an athlete thats when my cramping and what not was the worst. Now that I am ttc and on clomid I am finding my cramping not a big deal. But then everyones PCOS symptoms are different.
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