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Need your Opinion! Dyfunctional Uterine Bleeding

I also just found out that I am having Dyfunctional Uterine Bleeding .. I have been Bleedind uncontrolable for two months contributing to the fact I just found out that I might have (PCOS) I am sooo physically drained I feel so sluggish and light headed ..I went to the emergency room finally after making myself suffer ...I just I guess was so use to the irregular bleeding ...which sometimes lasted weeks to months...I once got sooo anemic with all the bleeding ....that my iron was low...and had to be in hospital...I just thought the bleeding would eventually stop but it didnt...I am  very scared(PCOS) I found out is hereditary my mother she has it ,my aunt and grandmother had it before she passed, I just dont know what's next ...Im so fustrated...and tired...from all the Uterine Bleeding ,medically  I cant afford the expenses , I have no insurrance....I am emotionally depressed ...my only support  is my boyfriend ...and its not his responsibility,I dont want to burton him with it because he dont have the money...I just need help , advice from people I know is going though my problem...Please , If you have any suggestions on what you would do...please comment and let me know!
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Im so sorry about the fact that you have to go through this..but I completely understand what you're going through.. One cannot understand what kind of emotional/psychological stress constant bleeding can put you through.. I had to deal with dysfunctional uterine bleeding on two separate occasions, which both required immediate surgery..Its very unfortunate for your insurance situation b/c the main course of action for stopping the bleeding ASAP is to be put on LUPRON injections, which are costly w/o insurance..This is foremost as your Dr's will need to get your Hemo up to speed.. The whole situation was a nightmare for me.. I can only hope that your situation can be rectified as soon as possible. For your health, but also for your peace of mind..Try to exhaust all charitable/payment plans your hospital has to offer..
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As the above poster says, try to exhaust the charitable and payment plans your hospital might have.  In the meantime, take a LOT of iron.  Anemia can knock you down for the count.
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