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New to forum..general PCOS question???

Hello.  I am brand new to this forum and I am hoping that some of my questions can be answered.  I really don't know if I have PCOS for sure.  I just went to my annual Ob/Gyn appointment today and I went to a new Dr.  My last annual/pap was in the summer of '07.  My results were normal.  I was LONG overdue, for no other reason, but I finally went today.  Anyway, just visiting with the Dr. I noted that my periods were usually between 34-38 days apart but this last time they were 50 days apart.  She began to ask basic screening questions for PCOS.  (Hair/whiskers on face, etc).  I do get a sporadic whisker or wild hair on my chin but nothing too out of the ordinary.  I am hispanic, so I do wax but I've been doing that for years.  Oh, I just don't know!  Anyway, she ordered several labs.  She is wanting to test my Prolactin, my SHBG levels, my TSH levels, a DHEA Sulfate test and a glucose tolerance and insulin test.  She also ordered a test for me to have on the 3rd day of my menstrual cycle (my LH and FSH levels).  I don't have any male-pattern baldness or hair on chest/back.  I guess I am a candidate for PCOS, but just not sure.  It is important to note that in October of 2007 my then, Ob/Gyn ran a panel and tested my hormones and thyroid and everything came back in the normal range.  I was also about 31lbs lighter.  I have gained a significant amount of weight in the past 2 years.  Has anyone else gone through this.  Is there anything/advise you can give me.  I am really nervous.  My husband and I do not have any children but hope to in the future.  I am 34 years old though so I know I can't wait forever.  I just want to get all these issues taken care of.  Thank you.
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PCOS is a hard thing to determine if someone has, because if the right hormones are not checked then you will never know. Also if you ever went for an ultrasounds and they came back clear, you could still have PCOS without having cysts on your ovaries. I went through allot of different doctors in 2007 before I was finally DX with having it. Testing your sugar is a good way to find out if your insulin resistance. I did that test last year, and it came back normal but my doctor still placed me on Metformin 500mg 2x for weight issues. I beleive my testosterone levels were a bit high, which is common in having PCOS. So make sure that hormone gets checked out. The test you have to do at the 3rd day of your cycle is a great test to go by to. It will check to make sure those levels are normal or abnormal. How much weight have you put on in the past two years? That could play a factor in this too. Do you carry most of your weight in your tummy area, or is it evened out? For me doctors thought I gained a bunch of weight overnight, but I've been heavy my whole life. I hit my all time high of 333lbs in September 2008. I've managed with the help of my GYN and Metformin to get down to 271lbs today. I still have allot of weight to lose, but this will take time. You cannot rush weight loss. Also having PCOS is different for everybody. There are many thin women who are dealing with PCOS and also we all don't have the same symptoms. Like many who have it normally have cysts on their ovaries, but I dont. I was cleared of all my ultrasounds internal and external. I have the hair on my face, but mostly peach fuzz with a few patches of black hairs on my chin. Like I said I am overweight, I always got a period each month BUT it would normally be heavy and painful and long. Before I knew I had PCOS I bled an entire month in March 2007. Just make sure when you see your doctor again make a list of all your symptoms and make sure the right hormones get checked out.
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I have been actively dealing with PCOS for a number of years now, but had it probably since I was about 19 years old, I am now 32. I am currently TTC, with baby # 2.  It took us 2 yrs & 1 miscarriage to get to my AJ! I stopped taking birth control pills 09/ 08 just to see what would happen...I miscarried 01/ 09 @ almost 11 wks & as of today we have been unsuccessful with much difficulty in between.Currently, I am taking 500 mg/ day of Metformin & just took my last dose clomid...Anyway, having a doctor that is attentive to you now, will definately help you when you decide you are ready to start trying.  I would recommend not waiting too much longer though.  PCOS has a tendency of creeping up on you.  Your cycles can be normal & slowly they start becoming non exsistant...If your cycles are becoming longer & longer, your doctor is on the right track!  PCOS is a major horomone imbalance  which causes issues w/ insulin resistance.  Ovulation is not likely happening & PCOS can also be more common with woman who are diabetic as well...this is VERY SIMPLE way to understand what PCOS is.  PCOS is actually very common. My suggestion to you is to research PCOS & what the different approaches to it are.  There is an overwhelming amount of information available.  There are some that approach it from a more holistic & organic point of view & others who go the complete path of taking medications to treat the symptons.  Weight can play a part as well.  I am 5 ft tall & way 155 lbs.  If you have a history of diabetes, this too plays a part for some as well.  Let your doctor complete the tests & do some independent research so that if you are diagnosed with PCOS you have an idea of how you would like to handle it.  Also, keep in mind that PCOS does not alway mean that you have cysts on your ovaries & that due to the cysts that are created w/ in the ovary folicles where an egg is supposed to release from that only during certain points of a cycle will your doctor be able to see any physical differences with your ovaries.  I can tell you that other than having a GREAT doctor, my husband has been my best support...becuase PCOS can have it's "moments" a strong & supportive partner is important if you plan on going to the next level & start trying to conceive.  Good Luck to you!
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