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Newly diagnosed PCOS

Hello, a couple of days ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. The one thing I am a bit confused about is that my doctor said that blood test results were normal. There is no issues at all with my hormones, blood sugars etc, apart from non-anaemic iron deficiency. He diagnosed me based on the ultrasounds I had done which shows cysts. I have not been on any medication or anything to help with my irregular periods which he said my cysts are probably causing. The other symptom I have is my excess hair growth although it is a famililal thing to be hairy ladies. So my questions are:

Do I definitely have PCOS as I thought you had to have a hormonal imbalance to have it?

What can I do to make my periods regular again?

Is my excess hair growth definitely to do with my genetics rather than PCOS as my hormones are okay?
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