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No period for 13 months will 30 lbs of weight gain!!

I need help as well! I am 28 yr old, I have always been between 102-105 lbs and had my period monthly without issue. Then in Nov of 2011 they just stopped! After that I began to gain lots of weight and nothing stopped it! 13 months later I am 30lbs heavier and STILL NO PERIOD! I was in hospital in march but they didn't say anything was wrong other than some cysts. However march was quite some time ago! I REALLY NEED to lose this weight and figure out what's wrong with no period but I am scared and also no health insurance right now! Idk what to do! Does anyone window if the weight will go away once the issue is resolved or I'm a doomed? I can only wear pajamas now! Lol! It's not funny but I'm serious! I just need some assurance that once whatever is wrong is fixed the weight will go away ! I know I might have to work at it but with health issues now nothing i do helps it! I've never been one who needed to watch my weight or anything and actually needed to GAIN some! But NOT that much! Someone please help! Also should I go to ER is this a major medical problem?
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Hi it sounds to me you have got pcos I've put on so much weight too and long times till my peorids come, have you had any ultrasounds to see if you have pcos?
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I do have it but when was at hospitAl they made it seem like wasn't too big of deal just some cysts that'll go away and prob can't conceive children, I have NEVER taken birth control and was with my ex for 7 years we didn't purposely try and get preg but also didn't do nething to prevent it and never once have I been preg, no stds ever few partners, and up until 13 months who had normal periods, BAD N TERRIBLE cramping but regular. Then soon as they stopped I started gaining the weight and now NOTHING fits me! I am determined to lose it instead of buying bigger
Clothes! Lol I am hoping that that is why I'm gaining weight all of a sudden n that if I can get mess it'll go away! Is there hope?
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Well I hope there is hope for u, have u tried exercise I started to do exercise & started too loose weight :-) but with pcos when u eat crap it goes straight bk on :-( I'm going to my docs when get bk to work to ask for meds because I'm in so much pain in ovarys, do u get pain in ur ovarys? Go on u tube because there is sights that tell u what to eat with pcos an that may help u loose weight and defo exercise and u will notice a difference I also have heard metiforma tablets can help loose weight too that's what I'm gonna ask doc for plus can help u get preg too :-) I'm trying for baby so hope they work!! Hope this has helped u in any ways I'm quite new to pcos so just can give u my short term knowledge
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Thanks! And recently just started eating better and excercising! I didn't have to before and could eat garbage all day long but guess not anymore! *****' lol I have a love for chocolate ice cream! But I have actually felt better on thor new healthier foods I just started so it hasn't been bad and I can still have one thing a day that's sweet or whatever plus I can have a dinner that is whatever I want and so far has worked well. I just was wondering if this was how life is gonna be forever now or if there's meds to prevent the weight gain and make your body act the way it did prior but looks like that's not gonna happen! And yes sever pain in ovaries like there's a knife and I'm being cut from inside twistd around and around! Is excruciating! I was RXD pretty strong pain meds but now tryin to ween off those bc aren't much better for my health than the prob it's treating! Like a never ending circle! Good luck to you too! I'm new to it as well and even tho my little sister is 8yrs younger she has as well and has had worse complications than me so she knows more than I do but she is much bigger than I am, I'm 5'4 & before issues 105lbs she's 5'10 &like 170+ and she doesn't care about weight gain or what she eats lol so she Is no help in that area! Anyway if you try any new meds lemme know and I'll do the same!
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Try birth control to regulate your periods. I haven't had a period in almost 3 years then went to planned parenthood and got on the pill. Now it's been 4 months with periods. You should give it a go. Go to a health food store and look for Sugar Balance Tea... It helped me a little before I started taking the pill.
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It's so horrible having pcos :-( I love my chocolate & Ice cream too! I've spoke to quite a few pcos sufferers and they all said to me they get no pain so I was like f**k I ain't normal with my pcos but since u said u get pain all the time in ovarys then I've finnaly found sum1 who suffers the same :-( once I have been back to docs and get med ill let u know. All the best with exercise & healthy eating
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Yea I mostly was wondering if once I was on meds if the weight gain would stop due to the hormonal imbalance, obv regular factors aside, and obviously I now I need to excercise and heat better to LOSE the already gained weight, but as if now nothing helps and it keeps gettin more and more, so was hoping once I have meds and lose this weight my body would return to normal like prior to being sick, hope that makes sense! Lol! And yes I get severe pain, not all day every day but here n there & it is excruciating where I can't walk, idk if that is something worse or what but as far as I know it's from the PCOS
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Getting put on birth control was how I found out about my pcos. I was put on birth control to regulate my periods and the cysts started bursting about the 5th day. I was in the ER for hours and had to take all kinds of tests and was in a lot of pain. Nothing helped the pain but 3 ibuprofen. I also have gained weight... eating right helps a ton but im still not like I used to be. And getting pregnant is an issue.
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