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I had PCOD, irregular periods,my doctor priscribed Metformin and then gave me a medicine to help ovulation. Past 4 - 5 months my periods were regular (30 - 35). I am trying to concive, this month my period is late it was due on 07Oct09. i have still not recieved my period it is already 5 days late. Recently when squezed my right breast i found a clear transparent diacharge. What is this discharge? I am shocked tensed, and worried or have i concieved?
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Did u take a pregnancy test? That would be the best way to confirm it.
Also it would be better if you talk to your doctor about the breast discharge.
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Thanx for ur immediate reply. I got my periods on 20Oct09 - 13 days late. Hence nw there is no need of pregnancy test. Also am no more getting breast discharge. Is there still somthing to worry abt??
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Sometimes breast discharge means that your prolactin level is elevated...this can cause issues when trying to conceive but is usually very easy to treat with a medication.  I would suggest going to your doctor and letting them know about the discharge...they will probably run hormone tests to check your levels and if it is elevated the meds for that may be all you need to conceive!  Good Luck!
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