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PCOS - Blood results

I don't particularly understand my results or what they are showing.  When I went to get the results my GP told me the results were 'normal', however having done a little research I am concerned about them and want to have a better understanding.

When I was around 13 or 14, my mum found an article about PCOS and we started to realise the symptoms I was having indicated the fact I might have it. I refused a blood test and was sent for an ultrasound scan, which at the time they told me it 'could indicate PCOS' (ie. there were cysts), they said without the blood test it's inconclusive but they agreed the scan and my symptoms...it's PCOS. I didn't take any proper medication or anything for it. When I was a little older I took dianette, but probably for less than a year...while taking it and after taking it my periods were fairly regular compared to before (roughly 4-5 weeks). I then had the contraceptive injection in February 2012, it was my first and only injection. May of this year I got my period again, 9 or so weeks later I had another, which means if my next period would be due within the next couple of weeks if this was my cycle.  After being told my results are normal, I asked if I can get another scan and she said not now, perhaps in 3-6 months if I do not have a regular cycle (even if regular is around every 9 weeks). I have booked another appointment for next Friday to see my usual GP, who I think will send me for a scan without any questions. But, I have some questions and wonder if anyone can help clear any of it up. If my hormones are ok (please see the attached results), why do I still have the symptoms? My acne has calmed down a lot over the years, I don't have clear skin but it's by no means bad. I have the hair growth issue, I have seen worse cases but I would not say my hair growth is 'normal'. As for my period, am I ovulating or just menstruating? I am aware I can get the test kits I can do at home to see this, but I don't really understand. Can cysts go away on their own or once they're there, are they there forever? I don't get the deal with whether or not I have PCOS because I always thought I did, and my GP at the time agreed my symptoms did indicate it, alongside the scan results...besides the acne calming down (which may have been due to age, anyhow), I still have other issues. Can anyone shed some light?

Thank you in advance.
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