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PCOS - Ovarian Wedge Resection

Well, I have been trying to conceive now for almost 10 years with PCOS.  Recently I had an ovarian wedge resection surgery (date was November 25th).  The doctors stated that this surgery should get all my parts working correctly since my ovaries were over the size they should be.  Since the surgery we have been trying to conceive.  Now, over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my breasts are alittle swollen (more so, they just feel a little fuller than normal).  But now, yesterday and today I have noticed my nipples were tender too.  Anyone ever been through this surgery and had any positive pregnacies?  And the timeline after the surgeries.  I am anxious but nervous to find anything else.

I have also had three miscarriages over the past 2 years so I dont want to get my hopes up however, I am looking for similar experiences.  My last menstral cycle was on November 19th, ended on December 1.  

I appreciate all the feedback... Me
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