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PCOS- Alternate month shorter period

I am 25 and came to know that i have PCOS about 8 months back. My doc gave me 500mg of metformin twice a day.
from past 4 months i am finding somthing wrong with my my periods. even alternate period is very short. like last month i have my period for 7 days and this month for only 3 days. Is something seriously wrong with me. I am also trying to get pergnant.

Plase suggest me what to do?

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There is nothing wrong with you...I too take metformin and my cycles are anywhere from 2-3 days of actual bleeding and not real heavy either...It could be the metformin trying to get the hormones straightened out...just keep tracking your cycles and they should become more consistent...do you know whether or not you O on your own? If you do I would BD every other day starting at CD8 and then everyday from CD14-16...then resume every other day...that's what I did this cycle along with drinking grapefruit juice which made me have very fertile CM...I got a BFP yesterday so it is very possible for you to get pregnant...good luck...
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Initially I've had 3 days periods 3rd day to 5th day i would have brown discharge. My periods were regular, but since 3 months i've noticed some kind of change in my periods. They're coming on time but it's lasting for 1-2 days and this month it was for one day and in the evening i started getting brown discharge. No pain or any other symptoms.
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I want to know if somethings wrong with me? please help!
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