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PCOS, metformin side effects

It's been 2 yrs and haven't been able to conceive. I went to a fertility doc , did an ultrasound I was told I had a tilted uterus and 6 eegs as the "normal" amount is 8. Did lab work and the only lab that came back was the dhea? The one for the adrenal gland function. It said it was abnormally high. The doc started me on 500 mg metformin. Ive only taken it once during the day and I went crazy like just very emotional and just MEANNN! I read it could be to low glucose so I ate a few pieces of sour patch kids. After that day I Only take it at night. Now I notice I have cramps in my legs the next day and I'm really! Hungry! I was doing intermittent fasting and low carb but ever since I started taking metformin it's HARD to stick to. N e one have similar  side effects?
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Hm, so you are diagnosed as PCOS or they just started the metformin for the reason of the adrenal gland issue?  I'm trying to understand.  LOL  I know things that affect any part of our hormonal system will result in some mood changes.  Are you taking the metformin as they intended?  Have they also considered clomid?  You've been working with a fertility doctor---  and done all the testing and this is the only issue they see with regards to getting pregnant?  Metformin often helps a woman with PCOS maintain their weight so am not sure what is going on with the increased appetite. Tell me more, and I'll try to help!!  We also have a fertility - trying to conceive forum here for mama's trying to get pregnant that can be really supportive. /find it under communities!
Hi, yes I've been diagnosed with PCOS and the only lab that came out abnormally high was the "dhea". They started me on 500mg 4x a day but I'm slowly working myself up to 1000 mg a day as I am trying to let my body adjust.
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How is it going?  I do want to tell you that I've had two friends that have families of more than one child they gave birth to WHILE having PCOS.  So, please know this isn't something doctors are unfamiliar with and most go on to have a baby.  Let me know how you are feeling.  Are they going to ramp things up so you can conceive?
i want to know whether the bleeding aftr sex is normal for pcos.or its sumthing serious
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