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PCOS/Clomid/Baby Aspirin/Ultrasounds?

Ladies Please Help!  I am 30 been ttc since May 2010.  I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15.  I have lost over 100lbs last 4 years.  I am still a little overweight (20lbs) and I am about to start my 4th cycle of clomid.  I was having a regular 28 days cycles until October 10 when I had a huge cyst develop so I started clomid in November.  I take 100mg cd 3-9 and I ovulate around cd 18-20.  My Dr. office finally listened to me this month and let me do a later progesterone at 26 days and my number was 20.55, 21 day was 8.  I have not had any ultrasounds since being on clomid should I be having them?  Also I am wondering if I need to add a baby aspirin to the mix?  My periods are very clotty like hard boiled egg size, and this seems to be getting worse with the clomid.  Sorry I know that is TMI but I am kind of at my whits end.  I have been with my Dr. for almost 16 years now and I adore him, I am just not sure what to do now.  Also DH has not been tested as we knew going into this I had a problem.  Any advise or help please??  Thanks
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Oh I did try metformin but it made me sick everytime.  My fasting BGL is around 70.
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When I took clomid I had scans every day from day 12-15 to see if I had ovulated and bloods on day 14 to see if I had ovulated. After a few non ovulation months I had a laparoscapy and ovarian diatherme. I then took metformin which does make u feel crap u have to start with very low doses and build it up over a few weeks. And on second month taking metformin and clomid I got my first bfp which was nice but that prosess was over 18months, waitin on op etc
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Hi! Did you take it with food? Also it does take time for your body to get use to it =)
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