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Hi I am 23 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. I also was diagnosed with HPV when I was about 18. I do not have periods by myself. I weigh about 225 5'7. I have not had a weight problem before I found out I had PCOS. I have been working on my eatting and excercise habits for the past few years. Me and my husband have had unprotected sex for about 2 1/2  years now. I finally went to the dr. and told them we are ready to conceive I was prescribed medroxyprogesterone & Metformin. My question is has anyone had much success with this. I do not have cyst on my ovaries all I have had issues with is my insulin resistant for the most part. The dr. told me we are going to kick start my periods to see if I can try and track ovulation before we move forward to a fertility drug such as chlomid or something else she had mentioned but require ultra sounds that will be pretty pricey. I am just praying this work. No one in my family has experienced what I go through feeling like I will never have children of my own & dealing with dissappointment. Just want to know if this worked for very many people. If I could get some feedback that would maybe ease my mind that be great!
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Hi. I also have PCOS and have had it for some quite some time now. I've been on provera numerous of times throughout the years and quite frankly that's the only way that my cycle come on. The doctors have told me that I can conceive, I'll just need help. So, today I was put on Provera (again), Metformin 500 mg, and Clomid. Hopefully, it'll help me! The doctor seem to think so.. Good luck to you- I hope this helped some!!!
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Thank you for your reply! My doctor has mentioned me trying clomid if this wasnt to work... Did you have ovulation with the provera?? and did you have to do a strict diet?? It is so hard to do a strict diet when there are preservatives in everything that sold in stores!
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Hi I also have PCOS and was diagnosed with it since I was 16. I had to be put on bc to try and help regulate my period. I'm 5'6 and weighed about 240 back in 2012. I'm also insulin resistant so i had a hard time losing weight and was told I would probably have a very hard time trying to conceive down the road due to my health issues. So my doctor put me on Metformin 500mg 2x a day and in a year I had lost 40lbs and my periods had somewhat regulated. Well this past December just a few days before Christmas I had noticed something was off so after a lot of convincing from my mother I went and got a pregnancy test and turns out I was pregnant. I honestly thought it would never happen but I got my Christmas miracle. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow with a healthy baby boy. I'm sorry this is so long but it will happen you just go to stay positive and it always happens when you least expect it. Good luck and sending you baby dust! :)
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Thank you for story! It gives me so much more hope... I have noticed since I have been taking metformin I have lost some weight without totally changing my diet! I will keep working and praying thanks for yalls advice!! =]=]=]
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Yes... I did ovulate with the Provera. This time around the doctor want me to come in and see. It'll be at the end of this month. So, hopefully I'll still be ovulating. I have a different doctor (specialist) so maybe he'll be the magic one! I wasn't put on a strict diet, but he did suggest that I lose a few pounds.
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Congrats!!! We're you on anything else beside the Metformin?
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From what i've read PCOS effects some women a bit different, some the same but the things it has in common is it's hard to concieve a child, other family members have diabeties and women in your family have problems with their periods in some way, my mum has always had heavy periods like the blood would come out like water it was that bad, same happens to one of my aunties and some of my female cousins have really severe cramping so they have to be on birth control, it seems diabeties only effects males in my family (thank god), but it effects the females hormonaly on both sides of the family, not all females have the problems though... it seems the females are effected more on my mums side, i've not had my period for nearly 4 months now (4 months next thursday), i'm going to go to the hospital for tests and i honestly don't want to go through a tone of medications to see if they work especially when i know my bro has type 1 diabeties. If i had diabeties i would know about it as id be sick and dioreah but i don't have that so it's effecting me hormonally. Do you get mood swings and feel a lot more angry with PCOS?.
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Emma if you go that long without periods you definetly should get checked out for sure! Thats how I found out I had it I didnt have periods ever. Yes it does give you mood swings and really its alot to handle sometimes but if you take care of yourself and eat good and excercise you will feel normal.. If you are prescribed metformin by advice to you would be dont give up on it becuase it is a rough medication and side affects are horrible for the first 2 weeks then it gets better.
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I've had a lot of normal periods, every 5 months id get it a few days late though, even when i was heavier when i first got my period though i was fine, maybe it's the weight i've put back on again that's causing it or my bad sleeping pattern, not really sure... but mine started when that headwave started here in the UK and the last time i went to a job interivew, i don't sleep much before it as i go to bed so late, like 3 or 4 hours before i get up. I've noticed a definite pattern though of hormone problems of females in my family and a few males having diabeties, my dads farther had diabeties and my mums farther has it too, i saw something happening eventually, it's genetic for some families sadly.
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