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PCOS after Mirena

How many of you ladies had no issues, then had the mirena, and after it was taken out you found out you had PCOS and/or premature ovarian failure?
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The cause of PCOS is not properly known. There is strong evidence that it is a genetic disease. PCOS is however not caused by Mirena.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

Okay, so I had the mirena inserted in he beginning of April in 2014. I have been on multiple brands of birth control pills all of which did not help me at all with the reason I was on birth control. By the end of April of 2014 I had a cyst on my right ovary that was about 6 times the size of my ovary. While on other birth controls I never had any issues or cysts. I understand that it can't be medically proven that pcos is directly caused by the mirena in my case. I still currently have the mirena and I don't plan on having it removed until I meet the five year mark in 2020. Has anyone had the mirena for the full five years and experienced pcos while still having it? Or have all the experiences with getting diagnosed been after removal?
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I have already been diagnosed by a specialist. I am just trying to see if any women on here also had confirmed pcos after mirena.
I had mirena in 2000 and had two children before with no problem! Pregnant 5 times 3 miscarriages but I have two children before I got on Mirena. Have not been able to conceive since.
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I had my son in 2010 and had the mirena inserted. In about a year it was expelled. I had a small cyst that the dr noticed and removed. I then had another inserted and again, at about the one year mark it expelled. I had a really hard time losing weight after my son regardless of diet and exercise. I also had dark patches of hair in places I did not have it before. Add to that, decreased energy and just the just not feeling right. I always told my ob about these things and he dismissed them and told me to just exercise more. I changed physicians and was diagnosed with PCOS. I never had any issues prior to the mirena. I am convinces, regardless of what "studies" show, that it was the cause of the problem. Just like the Yaz was reason I had to have my completely healthy non-functioning gallbladder removed.
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OMG I had my son in 2008. 6 weeks after his birth I had the Mirena inserted. Never had issues, and had it removed at the 5 year mark. I was expecting periods to resume, but they didn't. I kept mentioning it to my doctor and she just kept saying it was normal. This went on for two years. Recently because of a change in health insurance I was forced to go to a different doctors office. Going through medical history I again brought up not having regular periods. She asked me a couple questions and immediately ordered blood work. She diagnosed me with PCOS. She put me on a blood pressure medication because it was a little high. Once we got that under control she put me on Yaz. That was 4 months ago, I am now having regular periods.

The only thing that stumped my doctor was that PCOS is usually found when the woman is much younger. Mine didn't develop until sometime after my son was born. I've been wondering if the Mirena could have caused it.
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I am convinced as well that the mirena caused my PCOS. I had it inserted after my first child in 2006 (I was 24 year old. After a year I was experiencing cramping and pain with intercourse so I asked my MD to remove it (2007, I was 25 y.o.). Surprisingly I got pregnant immediately. I birthed my second child in 2008 (I was 26 years old) and breastfed for 2 years (28 y.o.), never having regular (or any) periods during that time. When my periods did not return once I weaned I became concerned. I went to the doctor's and was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 28. For the past 5 years I have been struggling to find the root cause of my hormonal imbalance. I think the most likely cause is based upon "epigenetics" that somehow the chemicals I introduced into my body when I had the mirena implanted it mixed up the pathway responsible for the conversion of pregnenolone to progesterone vs. androgen
Did you have any other PCOS symptoms other than the hormone imbalance? The only thing I experience is the crazy periods and my progesterone levels are off. I'm slim, no body hair, no insulin resistance. I conceived my first child no problem. I had my mirena removed because of 20+ cysts when they did an ultrasound because of my intense cramps. When I was diagnosed with PCOS and brought up the IUD my GYN just kinda brushed it off and avoided the topic.
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I had no trouble at all prior to mirena. Had my son accidentally while on the pill. Had mirena inserted a couple years after my son was born took mirena out after about 4 years. Gained 60lbs that year. Abnormal hair growth and very very irregular periods. Was diagnosed with  pcos a few years ago and now possible ovarian failure. Now one in my family has had pcos or infertility problems. I think it was because of mirena.
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I had Mirena for 5.5years and approx. 3 years after having it, cysts and certain (strong) symptoms related androgen hormone instability started appear. I have had non of them before even that I have tried several birth control medicines and devices. When considering my age 37, genetic background, way of living and nutrition, I have concluded that in my case there is rather a high probability that those symptoms are correlated with Mirena.
Now I have no birth control device or any other medication and I am keeping a diary from my symptoms and mood to find out how my body (endocrinological system) responses after Mirena was removed. At least I can compare my ultrasound pic to an other which I am going to take approx. after 6 to 9 months.
During the first week after Mirena was removed I had my thyroid slightly swollen and some pain in my ovaries. I have been lustier and more focused than before. I strongly suggest that doctors should combine their endocrinology expertise with neurology and gynecology to find out side effect occurrence and correlation significance levels on different symptoms/gland activation when using hormonal birth control device and medication.
Still Mirena is a great innovation (cost-effective, practical) and has great gains, but it might have long term side effects as well and I suspect that it has not been studied enough mainly because of it's present "gain power"
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I had 2 mirena's in and after 6 years of being on them I decided to have them removed to have another child. Now after 3 years I have pcos in one ovary and still have yet to have a baby. So I don't care what any Dr say I'm convinced this caused my pcos . By the way I was 19 when I had it put in and now I'm baren. This stuff is a fertility death wish.....
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I had no problems until I had Mirena. Then a year after I was diagnosed with pcos. I truly believe it was caused by the Mirena but my doctor told me I am wrong.
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Few years late, however, that’s exactly what happened to me. Husband and I became pregnant after only two cycles of trying. You could set your watch by my cycles. Completely normal pregnancy. Put the mirena in after the birth of my first child. Had it in for about a year and a half. Removed it to try again. Irregular cycles, terrible cramping, and two consecutive Miscarriages later, I’m now on Metformin to try to balance hormones and address my newly diagnosed PCOS. Clearly, there needs to be more research done on Mirena and those of us who suddenly developed PCOS after its removal.
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My names Shanti I've never had problems until I had Marina iud ...I had it for about a year got it taken out because of sharp pains in my lower stomach.. then got diagnosed with PCOS.i really think the marina caused it. This **** ain't right ...it's incurable it's life long and you mean to tell me I have to be on meds for the easy of my life as well as with King about hair weight gain cancer and diabetes... That's unfair.... And they are getting away with it.
Something has to be done
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I was diagnosed with pcos after mirena as well and I was never told there was a connection. I put it together on my own when I started looking into things.
I was not aware of this correlation.  Lots of ladies on Mirena and they may develop PCOS because of it?  does your doctor agree it is related?
I first heard of the correlation yesterday. I don't know why but I've been suffering from pcos since i was diagnosed, approximately a year after mirena was inserted. My obgyn referred me to a hormone specialist and my tests were all unremarkable, although a couple were borderline. Everyone is different obviously. Correlation with mirena was never discussed with either doctor, however I feel strongly that it is and just wrote to my ob to get her opinion. I just don't think she put it together with it at the time. The hormone specialist attributed my pcos to rapid weight gain (i gained 50lbs while on mirena as well). At the time, i hadn't even put it together and never even mentioned it to him. I did fill out a class action form even though it wasn't specifically what they were looking for but i asked them to look into it because it's something that i suffer from every single day.  The facial hair, cramps, weight issues, mood swings,  not to mention that I am getting married next year and plan to have more children and am now discovering the increased difficulty I will be facing. I had 2 children previously with no issues and at the age of 32 I shouldn't be suddenly faced with low fertility. It's a major concern and issue for me.
Ill let you know how my doctor responds but I've talked casually with other doctors (I work at a hospital) who seem to think it's likely or at least plausible...
I had the mirena also and Now I have PCOS! I had two children and then got the mirena and have not been able to have kids since! I only had it about a year and that was in 2000. I have been trying for years to have kids and unsuccessful!
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I'm Mirena's biggest client!
I am currently on my 3rd (THIRD) Mirena IUD... but I'm getting it taken out. After finally convincing my doctor to do an ultrasound on my ovaries because I swore I had developed PCOS over the last 5 years, sure enough, we find 19 cysts on my right ovary and 22 on my left. The answers I needed were already there though. I had a lovely lady beard growing in, thicker each year. My acne (at 30 years old next week) has only gotten worse since I had my last Mirena put in last November. My skin was oily, my hair was thin and always falling out. I could bulk up so fast when I lifted weights and worked out (I have great traps thought haha), and have to try reaaaally hard to lose weight. I had incrediblyyyy painful cramping come from out of nowhere. Finally SEEING the cysts was just the nail on the coffin. BUT just as a few of you ladies have shared, when I brought up the Mirena, my doctor just kind of disregarded it and said she doesn't think that's what caused it, although I assured her I did not have these symptoms between the ages of 10-19 before the Mirena. I told her I want to take it out just in case it does have something to do with all of these symptoms. As I had done much research at this point, I bring up how Mirena is the highest  androgen producing birth control and ask if that is making it worse. Again, she dismisses that. She agrees to do whatever I want. On Wednesday I am getting it out. I am getting Paragard inserted since I am still waiting for the right time to have kids. I have been on Mirena for over 10 years and I have no idea what my body does on it's own. I need to know. Paragard has no hormones, so I will be able to adequately gauge any changes after the removal. Best case scenario, I can heal myself from this PCOS after I remove the culprit, Mirena.

I will do my best to come back here and update you guys on this! Fingers crossed this time next year I have no cysts, clear skin, down 10-20lbs and have hair down to my butt! <3
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My name is shannon. Let me start with I didn't have any issues before I got the marina in. I had the marina in 2010, 6 months later I started getting a stabbing pain in my right side of my lower stomach. My migraines got worse.  I had to get glasses, due to double vision. I went to like 10 different dr telling them I want to take it out and no one would touch it until my 5 year mark. All telling me that it is in place. Many time my partner told me that he could feel the wires, which cut him. In 2012 I was told that I have cyst on my ovaries,  but wouldn't take out the uid. In 2015 I finally got it removed and it was stuck in my uterus. He just pulled it out and I screamed like hell, he should have taken it out with surgery.  After it was out I bleed for 3 months then after I stopped bleeding. I found out that I was pregnant my son. The pain was so bad that I had to take pain meds most of my pregnancy.  Didn't help much that while I was working i ended up pulling a muscle in my stomach.  After having my son in may of 2016 I found out that I have pcos.  I had many test done and some came back seeing a fibroid, but the MRI I had didn't. Its now 2018 I just found out that I have endrmetroice.  I'm going to be getting a historectimy next month.  My dr is going to look around to find the fibroids, and take my uterus, cervix and tubs out. You can see where it is my stomach where it is swollen in that area. Ive already had my gallbladder removed from pcos in oct of last year.  I'm also getting a mra done on my head to find out if I have pressure that's causing my migraines.  When I get one I have 2 different spots on the back if my neck that swell up. I also been diagnosed with pre diabetes,  severe depression,anxiety and PTSD due to the pain I've been in over the years and other issues. All in all I do believe that the marina is the cause for all my problems.
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