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PCOS and Adrenal Virilism

What is the difference between PCOS and adrenal virilism? I have PCOS, but not all the signs (I had an ultrasound in 2006, and I know I have cysts on my ovaries). What type of test should I have to find out if it is adrenal virilism?
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hi,,,, adrenal virilism tests are blood tests checking of an excess of serum androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA ,,, both are androgens which are secreted mainly by adrenal gland…. adrenal virilism is quit rare comparin ro pcos,,, it s caused by late onset adrenal hyperplasia in adults and rarely it is caused by androgen secreting tumors,,, there is mainly virilisation signs on adrenal virilism like hirsutism, clitomegaly, musculisation signs like wideing of sholuders like men and deepin of voice, abset cycle,, i was so worry about adrenal like u i had no adrenal symptoms except the excess hair ,, my doctor did for me 17 hydroxyprogesterone and DHEAs ,, both results wre normal,, thanks God,,,
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Sorry I don't know what adrenal virilism but I have PCOS. Not all signs either except that i have the "string of peals" on my ovaries & not "normal" with my cycles. Sorry, i wasn't much help.
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