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PCOS and Nutrition??

Does anyone know much about the best way to lose weight with PCOS? I currently do weight watchers and will lose small amounts, but my doctor did mention watching how many carbs i'm eating. I need more direction than that though. With weight watchers we don't even look at carbs so I don't know if it's possible to do both. Any suggestions on the best way to lose some weight??
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apparently 85% of PCOS patients test positive for gluten intolerance
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lots of people who have PCOS are gluten intolerant... try eliminating it from your diet for a month or so and see if that helps...
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Well, for us who have PCOS breaking down the sugars is harder then most people...therefore that's why most of us have weight issues. Low carb diets are way HARD to follow. I mean some only allow you 30 carbs a day...which is nothing! And very hard for somebody to live like that. I follow my diet/weight on a site called (without all the spaces) www.m y f i t n e s s p a l.com and I love it! It totals all the amounts of calories, fats, carbs, sugars and almost anything else. Here are a few tips that I picked up while I was at my lowest weight (271 with a weight loss of 62lbs!, but due to family problems my weight went back and forth and I'm currently at it again!).

Pasta: stick to whole wheat/whole grain, 2 ounces (is about a cup I think). Add veggies to it to make it more filling.

Rice: Brown rice is better, limit the amount.

Bread: stick to whole wheat/whole grain with FIBER! Fiber is perfect for us who have pcos, eating more fiber...atleast 20-30 grams a day will help you stay fuller longer...therefore not eating as much.

Lots of fresh (or canned or frozen) veggies as well as fresh fruit (or frozen or canned).

Keep plenty of water with you at all times. I keep a 1 Liter bottle of Poland Spring water on my desk at all times, and I drink that throughout the day (and yes I refil it sometimes 3 times a day!!).

Try to limit the soda....yes even diet! What happens is with diet soda, i find that even thought it has no sugar or calories in it...it's still sweet making you want to eat sweet foods.
Sweets/candies/cakes and all that yummy stuff: Don't kill yourself and stop altogether! You will literally go insane, and it would make you want to eat more of them. It's OK to have a sweet every now and then. I normally eat my sweet treat at night time (like a desert!). You can also make low fat cupcakes using plain (or reduced sugar cake mix) and adding diet soda instead of eggs/oil. It cuts down the fat/calories and still tastes fabulous! 100 calorie snacks are the best....and still taste great!

Meat: Pick lean meat, stick with more turkey then beef, chicken without the skin. I like to roast some skinless chicken breasts with some low sodium seasonings...mix with a small baked potato and fresh veggies...Yum!

I found, once I limted the amount of bread/rice/pasta, but not giving them up...weight came off super fast.

Are you taking any medications for pcos? I'm on birth control and Metformin. Metformin helps with weight loss as well, as it is a diabetes medication. I take all that along with Green tea extract.

Good luck!

Oh and weight watchers is good...my Mom lost 50lbs on it!
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